‘Kill Boy’

Director: Moritz Mohr

Performers: Bill Skarsgard, Yayan Ruhian, Jessica Rothe

Year: 2023

Premiere: 3/7/24

I’m not sure what Sam Raimi’s role is as a producer of this action film which, of course, mixes some elements that are similar to the director of ‘Evil Dead’, but it does so with an excess and a sense of humor that is not very funny. The young muscled man played by Bill Skardgard, whose family was murdered as a child, is deaf and mute. So that the spectator knows his thoughts, the people responsible for the film –an exotic production between Germany, South Africa and the United States– They have come up with the idea of ​​expressing it through a permanent and annoying video game voice-over.. Since she has not yet overcome her childhood trauma, her dead little sister also appears to her constantly.

In several action sequences, of which there are plenty, the music used is festive.. This contrast doesn’t work either in the face of the excess of shootings, martial arts attacks and gore shots. Things don’t always turn out well by accumulation, especially when beneath that surface of hemoglobin in close-up and syncopated montage there is nothing to scratch, because the doubts and miseries of the hero are a joke, as is the perfidious family that has the whole population terrified or the shaman who instructs the protagonist. One nice detail remains: how to use a cheese grater as a combat weapon.