Begoña Villacís returned to the headlines of all the media yesterday for a very unpleasant matter: his brother was murdered shot by two people who fled on the Fuencarral-El Pardo highwaya place quite close to the Mediaset España facilities and also to the headquarters of the production company Fabricantes Studio, in charge of the program 'Ni que fuerámos Shhh'.

And it is precisely one of his collaborators who has been linked to the news, since Kiko Hernández stated yesterday on the Canal Quickie and TEN program that he had witnessed what happenedbut he did not realize until the police arrived: “I heard the shots from my hotel room, but I thought they were fireworks.”

The collaborator himself quickly left his room when he found out what had happened and recorded some exclusive images of the police investigating the area of ​​​​the events, while they searched for the alleged perpetrators of the events. In addition, he said that when the police saw the hotel residents nearby, he asked them to go back inside, claiming that it was dangerous.

But the relationship of this murder with the media did not end with Kiko Hernández, since several television programs have been able to show the images of the alleged murderers tearing off the license plates of the car usedsince they were made very close to the Mediaset facilities, right in front of the Globomedia production company building. Workers from the production company, in charge of programs such as 'Zapando' and 'El Intermedio', They recorded all the events and these images could have been used to carry out the arrest of the first person involved.