Jorge Javier Vázquez the star guest of the latest installment of 'Friday'. After more than 14 years presenting 'Deluxe' in the same prime time slot on Friday, the presenter sat on the couch of the program presented by Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona, reviewing his professional and personal life.

The communicator had several emotional moments throughout the interview, especially when he remembered Mila Ximénez, collaborator of 'Sálvame' and one of his closest friends: “'When Mila died, my life broke“.

“With her death I suddenly became older because until then life with her was fun, games, it was a party, it was like feeling young all the time. She had a spirit willing to do anything, any plan seemed great to her, she was a very vital and to me when he dies, boom! “I suddenly became older”commented the presenter on the Telecinco program, visibly excited.

Vázquez also assured that the death of Mila Ximénez affected him so much that he made his “playful aspect of life would disappear“, at which time Bea Archidona made an assessment to the viewers: “Your eyes are teary.”

The host of 'Survivors' recalled an anecdote that he experienced with his mother to quantify what the death of Mila Ximénez has affected him: “We were once at home and she told me 'I'll ask your father and Mila to see how You can get out of that sadness' and what a mother tells you, leaves you totally shocked. I think that after these years I am beginning to recover from what his departure meant to me.'”.