Emma Garcia is ready for the new stage of ‘Party’, which starts this afternoon in Telecinco. The magazine is reinforced with a new set and new image, in addition to the incorporation of new sections and collaborators.

To talk about all this, the Basque presenter stopped by this Friday morning ‘We’ll see’, the space it presents Joaquín Prat, and they both joked about their schedules.

“Many hours live and also on the weekend”remarked the presenter after the guest explained all the news that viewers were going to find.

“I have no choice. It’s been five years, and in the end you adapt,” García commented. “200 Saturdays and Sundays…”Prat added. “And holidays” his partner emphasized. “The other day I saw the program, a day when I was on holiday, and there you were,” said the presenter, trying to poke the guest.

“And you tell me this with sarcasm? Life changes from one moment to the next”Emma commented. “And in this chain…” Joaquín added between laughs. “I tell you one thing, and karma exists. Be careful,” the presenter warned with humor.