I remembered last night at Cervantes Theater the writer Elvira Lindo How a teacher once told her friend Javier Cámara: “You have some eyes too small for the cinema.” She was wrong, of course, because, the author and friend of the performer concluded, “you don't have to have big eyes but greatness in your gaze.” Only then The Rioja could have been the unforgettable Benign from Talk to her, the fishmonger Rafi de Torrente: the foolish arm of the law, accountant of drug traffickers (the Narcos series) up to a cardinal in The Young Pope, in addition to multiple characters in television series who have ended up joining the viewers' families as members. They are all Javier Cámara, the consummate comedian, the perfectionist professional and the generous partnerand that is why the Malaga Festival, where it has already achieved the Biznaga for Best Actorrecognized his career and his own existence with its highest honor, the Málaga Prize.

With the Biznaga, the third already, in hand, Cámara was, as always, grateful and aware of where he steps and where he comes from. “I am a boy from the town (from Albelda de Iragua) and I want to remember now the towns. In many towns there are no longer cinemas or theaters, but there are very talented people who want to travel to Madrid oa Barcelona to be actors, directors, writers… This award is for all of them. Let them try, let them keep trying. I'm not going to give you any advice; I am going to give myself and my generation some advice: that Let's welcome the new generations with the biggest smiles possible. when they arrive on a set, on a stage, because they are going to make us grow more, they are going to sweep the world thanks to their talent and their stories,” he expressed in his acceptance speech.

Minutes before, just after the gala began, in a video recorded these days, Javier Cámara summarized the formula of his work and the secret of his passion: “This job is 99% craft and 1% magic. So you have to be trained, be a good teammate, arrive on time and have studied so that sometimes, maybe once every 3 or 5 years, that magical moment occurs for which you would be able to kill.”

In addition to Elvira Lindo, attended the Malaga Festival tribute to Javier Cámara friends and friends like Paloma Juaneshis representative; Luis San Narcisocasting director and Felix Sabrosofilm director.

Javier Cámara collects the Festival's Málaga Award.

“Without fear of anything”

Hours before the gala, in a meeting with the media, the Riojan performer confessed that he feels that he is in a personal and professional stage in which he is no longer “afraid of anything”, not even of facing his work, which is “blessed glory” and has “saved his life”.

Camera is considered a “very privileged” actor, of the few who work annually and are saying no to things”, while “80 percent of the profession is almost unemployed, earning little money or subsisting on other things.” In the beginning, he assures that he “never” dreamed of cinema or television, because he wanted to “be a theater actor,” and he entered the Madrid School of Dramatic Art advised by a teacher. “Today I couldn't dream of a task like the one I've had“, he says, looking back. Of course, the enthusiasm is still intact, like the nerves: the performer recalled how during a break from recording the series 7 livesCámara asked his companion Amparo Baro while she was smoking if at that point in her career she still got nervous, and the actress replied: “It's going to get more, Javier, it's going to get more“.