Jalis de la Serna will also be one of the most prominent faces of laSexta’s Christmas programming. The journalist will be accompanied by Zazza the Italian, one of the best-known YouTubers worldwide for his reporting in conflict zones, in ‘Patrullando la Navidad’, the new special from the Atresmedia networkwhich will arrive next January 4.

Each one of them will impregnate the program with their particular way of narrating everything they experience; so he program will bring together the best of classic reporting with the freshness of new content creators.

This special will reveal to viewers how Christmas is experienced in places where television cameras usually do not reach. A different and unique look at one of the most special times of the year for everyone.

‘Patrolating Christmas’ will enter places where the Three Wise Men parade do not pass nor are the streets full of garlands of lights adorning them. Or if it happens, it doesn’t do it the way we are all used to seeing it. Are places where Christmas is lived differently: different, atypical.

The recordings of ‘Patroling Christmas’ These same Christmases have been held in different settings. This special the sixth will show its inhabitants, their traditions and customs at this time of year and will show how the two reporters have had to face situations paradoxical, surprising and unexpected. Sometimes dangerous places in which anything can happen.