The game was dying. And the Cholo He was more Cholo than ever when he made two defensive changes to maintain the 3-3. And Míchel was more Míchel than ever, being daring and shameless, all symbolized in that kick of Ivan Martin, already in added time, to knock down Atlético in a match that already belongs to history.

To the history of Montilivi, whose foundations shook with a monumental goal that scratched the squad of a stunned Oblak, and Spanish, European and world football. What were you doing when Iván invented a goal out of nowhere, surrounded by three Atlético players? Madrid is not alone at the top. There is the majestic work of Míchel, the immortal work of a team that leads Atlético by 10 points and leaves the triplet of Morata.

A song to football

The first part was a hymn to football. Girona’s offensive football, a daring, fun, daring and different team. To Morata’s football, the capable forward to keep Atlético alive in a volcanic 45 minutes initials. Capable of scoring two goals riding behind the defense of Míchel’s team, scoring one, disallowed for offside, after a VAR review, and then missing the easiest shot, already in Gazzaniga’s small area.

But everything happened at the pace, the frenetic pace imposed by Girona, who came in as if it were a gale. After two minutes he was already winning thanks to Valery’s shot, taking advantage of a loss by Riquelme, punished with extreme cruelty by Míchel’s team.

In 40 minutes, 3 goals

But before, at 32 seconds, Sávinho had galloped down the right wing to assist Dovbyk, who missed a rare chance. But Girona rose from that ruling with integrity, announcing to Atlético that they were serious. Seriously. In 40 minutes he had scored three goals. Valery’s right foot was followed by Sávinho’s left foot, taking advantage of the fact that Iván Martín stole the ball from Koke’s feet and it concluded in the set piece – short corner – marked by the opportunism of Blind, a central defender placed at ‘nine’ for a few seconds.

With each blow of Girona, Morata appeared to calm the atmosphere that shook Montilivi, packed to the last corner, aware as the city is that they are experiencing something amazing. The match went through a dangerous back-and-forth taking into account the daring defense designed by Míchel with Yan Couto, Eric García, Blind and Miguel. Is there anyone with a true defensive soul? The Vallecas coach, who surprised Simeone with his initial idea, loves to live on the edge.

Ends changed

He surprised ‘Cholo’ because he changed the order of the wingers (he sent Sávinho to the right flank and placed Valery on the left) to disorganize the bewildered Atlético. The Argentine coach had to reorganize the structure of his team to stop the bleeding defensive. The Girona show was moving. And Simeone modified the line of four at the backalso intervening at half-time when Nahuel Molina came on for Lino, who experienced an ordeal with Sávinho.

LaLiga - Girona FC vs.  Atletico Madrid

After the break, another Atlético appeared. In the five minutes, just out of the locker room, five very clear chances, Montilivi holding his breath. Five minutes, five chances, each one clearer, always meeting Morata’s shotsGriezmann and Marcos Llorente with Gazzaniga’s hands or body.

The second half had just started and Girona needed a timeout. But Morata did not allow it, delving into the slowness of the two center backs (Eric and Blind) to sign a hat trick. The first with the Atlético shirt. Girona did not have the ball and was suffering torture: six shots, five on goal, including Morata’s 3-3 after Rodrigo de Paul tore his rivals apart with calm driving.

Atlético’s reaction unsuccessful

Simeone learned his lesson from the first half and got a good grade in the second. Not even an hour and six goals showed that this was the most exciting match in the entire Spanish League. There was no truce. Nor rest brought the night to one tremendous physical demand. And Simeone ended up with four forwards: Morata, Griezmann, Correa and Memphisthe last two coming off the bench.

Although this cohabitation of so many offensive footballers did not last long because the ‘Cholo’ ended up taking out Azpilicueta and Saúl for the wheat scorer and the French star. These changes meant the condemnation of Atlético and the certainty that Girona lives in paradise with that goal from Iván Martín.