If from the previous Iván Ania placed the label of «match from another category» to the confrontation between Córdoba CF and Castellon in The Archangel (2-0), a few hours later, three more points in the bag and a tremendous struggle along the way, it seems that the assumption has not changed much for the Oviedo player, nor has the premise that a victory would mean a true «moral blow» before the until now leader of the category. And his pupils worked and enjoyed themselves against a rival who arrived with a poster to say the least disturbing, whose records were piling up and who ended up humanized to the rhythm of a green and white painting already with wood to excite even the most painted -even reaching the best record of the last year with German Crespo-. «Our first objective is salvation, from there we will look up. It is clear that we are a good team, but we have not achieved anything. Things are not achieved in December, they are achieved in June. If now we think that because we have won Castellon We have already achieved everything, and we are going to Balearics With our chest out, they are going to put it inside us. Ambition, all in the world, respect for rivals, all in the world», the coach himself reassured, satisfied, at the close of the appointment.


  • Córdoba CF defeats the leader and makes El Arcángel dream

  • The notes of the Córdoba CF players after their victory against Castellón

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The script, almost the dream

As a key when it comes to practically handcuffing the Orellut team, Anna highlighted the value of having maintained the «clean sheet», placing it as one of the main bases for having overcome an opponent of the stature of the one on the occasion: «We knew that it was a team with great ease to reach, but also that in only 15 games, they had left the goal at four zero. It was fundamental for us, but not being defensive, quite the opposite, conditioning them, trying to press as high as possible, trying to prevent them from playing their game… At the beginning of the game we had several actions one against one that were not completely satisfactory, but we did put fear in their bodies. We played a very good game offensively, but especially in the way we put pressure on the opponent,” he stressed.

«At the beginning of the second half there was a feeling that they were finding us from the inside, creating danger. Perhaps in our hardest or most critical moment we scored the goal. We knew that to counter this team we had to match them. We expected a clearer exit from them. In man to man in many moments we were winners, hence we could take the victory», he continued.

Delving into the rival, in addition, the Asturian took the opportunity to express his admiration for those of Dick Schreuder, whom he classifies as the “best team in the group.” «Here everything is very equal. What we don’t have is complexes, we have an idea and we go with it to death. Always push up, condition the rival. We don’t feel superior to anyone, but we don’t feel inferior either. The day we lose humility they are going to make our faces red. What we have to have is humility, keep working and face each game as if it were the last one in the League, as if we were playing for the goal,” he bluntly warned when examining the albinegros.

A book atmosphere

The thing about the stands did not escape the analysis of the former del Algeciraswho emphasized the “fundamental support” of Cordoba fans – who had a real party – when it came to leaving the three points in Cordoban lands against the until now unquestionable first classified team. Group 2 of First Federation. «For us that support is essential. It is clear that when people are given it, they respond. The team is giving it right now, they are proud not of the game, but of the players’ dedication. The repetition of efforts, of going and coming back… A very difficult game in which the team was especially generous defensively. If we could have so many people on the field every day, it is clear that for the rivals, more than an incentive, it is a burden. I hope that a sense of unity is generated that makes the team move forward.“, he claimed.

«We have to improve many things, the analysis goes beyond the results. It is true that we do many things well, but there are also others that we have to improve. Today we have almost managed to leave Castellón without the possibility of shooting and chances, which generates a lot», he added.