After ten consecutive days without defeat and a brilliant start to the match, in the script of Iván Ania’s Córdoba CF, few or none of the combinations reflected the fateful final outcome of the first match of the year in The Archangelfull of rhythm, a multitude of occasions – and mistakes – and also even a certain space for drama in a lawsuit that ended on the side of a Real Madrid Castilla (1-2) extremely practical, for whom only the obvious glimpses of a million-dollar factory were enough to snatch the loot from the green and white fiefdom, and thereby deflate his good streak. «The balance cannot be positive because we have lost. We had the intention of winning the game, from the beginning it was clear that we were going for the three points. You get the feeling that we shouldn’t have lost, but when you can’t win it’s important not to lose.», expressed the Córdoba coach after the conclusion of the match.


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Will without success

As has become a mantra, every time Córdoba CF Choking on a game responds to a specific symptom: lack of clarity in attack. It is true that after a complex start to the season, once the well-known adaptation has been completed and the machinery has been greased, generating chances does not seem like a pending issue for the caliph block, although it does when it comes to finishing in the last meters. , in which the white dependent box was more decisive. «We have done many things well, but we were missing the most important thing in the end, which is the finish. I think the defenders and the rival goalkeeper are more successful. We have subdued Castilla, they have barely been able to get the ball beyond the transitions, but attacking a team that has a lot of people behind it is very difficult, we had the experience against them Atlético Baleares and today it happened. The goal, in fact, to score it we need three actions,” he lamented. Anna.

«We needed to shoot more from outside the area. When you are not able to generate danger, beyond the sensation with those lateral centers, one of the resources you have to have is the shot from outside. We have thrown little, we have needed to throw more”, he noted. “We didn’t handle it well. It’s a fucked up day because we didn’t have in mind that this would happen.but if we look back, we had not lost since matchday 7 in Algeciras. We have done good numbers, but this has to make us see that it is not going to be easy. The teams are going to demand of us, the second rounds are more difficult. Some days you are lucky enough to be able to open the scoreboard, other days you don’t,” he indicated next, delving into the situation that caused the second rival goal and what the rest of the calendar will hold until the end of the season.

More options on the bench

In the middle of the winter transfer market, with the window open and the Blanquiverde sports commission currently combing the possible options to bring reinforcements to the scheme, the final minutes – especially after the discomfort of Carlos Garcia-, as well as the drawing of the call, showed the brief extension of the campus, of which Anna still declares his satisfaction: «There was a moment when when I saw that Carlos Garcia his cufflinks went up, we asked him to put Matias Barboza oa Strong, or something. But she said it was fine. If I had had a pure center back, maybe I would have made the change. Entering at that moment, in the 80th minute and with the game in transition, is not easy for a player. That’s why we decided not to make the change,” he admitted.

«We play with one forward and we have two. We have Bullpenthat we recover it, we have to Houses…I’m happy with what we have. They are two high-level forwards, important players in the category and I am happy with them», he analyzed regarding the point of attack.

Simo Bouzaidi with Iván Ania in one of the changes of the match.

Arbitration decisions, a loss

Departing from his usual, more restrained line, the former footballer also acknowledged differing on numerous key occasions in the match, focusing on the two possible penalties in the white area, one in each half, and also on the first of the rival goals. «I have been able to see the hand of the first part. For me it’s a penalty. Another thing is that he punts and then touches the ball, but punts into the air. I’m not very clear about the issue of hands, I think not even the referees know.. Then there is another possible hand in the second half, from a lateral center by Carracedo, which also appears. I have not seen the offside play, from the field it seems like it could be, but I have not seen it,” he added.