The public present at the Malmö Arena for the 68th edition of Eurovision He booed and whistled during the performance of the representative of Israel, Eden Golan.

While performing 'Hurricane', Golan has received a loud whistle inside the stadium and boos were heard at the end of the performance. The performance has also shown Israeli fans applauding the artist when she has finished, something she routinely does with each country.

The participation of Israel In this Eurovision it has been controversial because it coincides with the actions of the Israeli army in Loop. Demonstrations have called for the country's disqualification from the contest throughout the week.

Interspersed with applause from fellow citizens, the boos have sounded through the television broadcast even louder than in his last appearances before the audience, especially in the final section in which he sings his song in Hebrew, titled 'Hurricane' and in which he exalts resistance in the face of adversity.

Already in the first general rehearsal held last Wednesday the singer suffered this situationwhich led to a complaint from the public broadcaster Kan, which organizes Israel's participation in Eurovision, to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and to the Swedish public broadcaster.

Golan parodied this situation in a video that went viral on social networks, in which during an apparent rehearsal behind the scenes she tries to maintain concentration on her song while members of her team insult and boo her.

I'm here doing what I love, I just focus on the music and the energy, There are many who support me and it is an honor to represent my country especially in these times. I only focus on putting on a good performance and making our voice heard,” he declared when asked about some boos that were also repeated in the second semi-final, last Thursday, and in the general rehearsal on Friday.

This same Saturday Thousands of people walked the streets of Malmö calling for the exclusion of Israel of the festival and the end of the offensive in Gaza. Likewise, the sit-in of a hundred protesters, including the famous activist, had to be evacuated near the entrance to the Malmö Arena. Greta Thunberg.

Last Thursday, another massive march was held with thousands of people to coincide with the second semifinal of this contest, in which the Israeli representative participated and in which she qualified for the final.