The Revolutionary Guard of Iran attacked targets linked to the terrorist group with ballistic missiles early this Tuesday Islamic State (IS) and “spies of the Zionist regime (Israel)” in the territory of Iraq and Syriawhich has caused the death of at least two civilians.

The Revolutionary Guard reported these attacks on their social networks, according to the Iranian media Borna News and Press TV, while Iraqi security sources confirmed to EFE that at least eight missiles fell near the US consulate – a building under construction. in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, and They left two civilians dead and four injured. The Revolutionary Guard statement notes that the attacks are “in response to recent crimes committed against the Islamic Republic” and that they targeted “the headquarters of anti-Iran spies and other terrorist groups in parts of the region.” “The objectives were destroyed,” the note adds.

Iraqi security sources consulted by EFE confirmed that the attack in Erbil came from Iranian territory.

In its statement, the Revolutionary Guard points out that the place in Iraqi Kurdistan that it attacked with missiles was the “center for developing espionage operations and planning of terrorist actions in the region“We assure our beloved nation that the offensive operations of the Revolutionary Guard will continue until the last drops of blood of the martyrs,” the statement added.

At least 94 people died in a double suicide attack perpetrated on January 3 in the Iranian city of Kerman, near the grave of Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian general who headed the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard until he was killed by the US in 2020 in a bombing in Iraq. The terrorist group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attackone of the most brutal attacks against civilians committed in decades in Iran, just hours after the explosions.

Iran has since detained about 35 people linked to the attack, and has claimed that at least one of the suicide bombers was an “Israeli with Tajik nationality.” Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, called last week to “smash” those “hidden” responsible for the attack, in an apparent reference to the United States and Israel.