Iran attacked this Tuesday with missiles and drones two bases of the Sunni armed group Yeish al Adl in the territory of Pakistanafter bombing Syria and Iraq this morning, according to the Tasnim agency.

Two important headquarters of the Yeish al Ad terrorist group“They were destroyed with missiles and drones in Pakistan,” said Tasnim, an agency linked to the Persian country’s Revolutionary Guard.

The attacks of Iran They were carried out in the Koh Sahz area of ​​the Pakistani province of Balochistan, neighboring the Iranian region of Sistan Balochistan. Tasnim did not offer any further information on the attacks and indicated that details of the bombings would be made public later.

Yeish al Adl is a Sunni group opposed to the Shiite regime in Tehranwhich claims they are supported by Israel. The group claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 11 police officers in the town of Rask in Sistan Balochistan last December, among other attacks in recent years.

These attacks occur after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard attacked targets linked to the terrorist group with ballistic missiles this morning Islamic State and “spies of the Zionist regime (Israel)” in the territory of Iraq and Syria.

In its statement, the Revolutionary Guard pointed out that the place in Iraqi Kurdistan that it attacked with missiles was the “center for developing espionage operations and planning terrorist actions in the region” and specifically in Iran by Israel. Four civilians were killed in these attacks in Erbil.

Tehran claimed that these attacks are a response to the double suicide bombing in Kerman that left 94 dead this month and which was claimed by IS and the attack on the Rask police station.

These bombings occur in a moment of maximum tension in the Middle East due to the war in Loopand amid repeated attacks by pro-Iran militias in Iraq against US positions in the country and in Syria.