Inmaculada Casal, wife of María del Monte, has spoken. A couple of days ago, 'On Friday' made public the statements that the couple made before the judge for the robbery they suffered in their home without any type of censorship.

As they have stated on more than one occasion, María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal prefer do not discuss the issue publicly and these statements issued on the Telecinco program have not sat well with the couple.

This was stated by Inmaculada Casal during her visit to the program 'Andalusia in the afternoon' on Canal Sur. If at first it seemed that the topic was not going to be discussed, the presenter has not been able to ignore a highly topical topic. When asked, the journalist regretted the statements issued in 'De Friday'.

“They robbed us a few months ago and now too They have stolen part of my privacy when some images were made public of our statements inside the room. It was not a public hearing,” he told the Andalusian regional channel's magazine.

Furthermore, the communicator recalled that the case is still under investigation, so these types of statements could harm the development of the investigation. “I don't think those statements contribute anything. It makes me angry because I think it's not fair.. Certain limits are being crossed. I am not asking for anything, but at least that basic rights are respected,” says Inmaculada Casal.

At that moment was when María del Monte's wife could not contain herself and exploded against Telecinco: “We said that we would only talk about this issue in court. But it turns out that what I talked about in court is known to all of Spain.” “Those gruesome details are not information, they are morbid. It is something so intimate that I feel defenseless,” she laments, confessing that not even her family had seen those statements.