The Infrastructure Delegation launched two important contracts this Monday for the operation of this municipal area that amount to 5,946,319 euros and will last two years. These structural contracts will allow, on the one hand, the assembly and installation of tents and stages for events held by the Córdoba City Council or in collaboration with social entities in the city; and on the other hand, provide the Infrastructure delegation with construction materials for the development of its activity. This last document is put out to tender for the first time to provide greater transparency the work of an area that has been affected by suspicion of irregularities such as the splitting of contracts, currently in court in what is known as the Infrastructure case.

The Infrastructure delegate, Miguel Ruiz Madruga, explains that the City Council has wanted to resort to this formula for acquiring construction materials (from blacksmithing to materials for the mechanical workshop) in batches for several reasons and because all municipal needs will be covered. “This contract is going to give us make it easier when it comes to getting the materials; will give a lot of transparency because everything that is purchased will be subject to that supplier, and it will make it easier for us to organize payments by grouping them, so we will be able to comply with the average payment period,” says Ruiz Madruga. For now, of the 19 lots of the contract, only the asphalt agglomerate that will be taken out again has been left void (the economic offers are scheduled to open in a few days). The forecast is that it will be awarded at the end of the month or beginning of February. This contract has a estimated value of 3,243,201.57 euros and a bidding base budget of 1,509,336.14 euros.

With respect to contract for the assembly of facilities, The delegate explains that Infrastructure “does not have its own capacity” to respond to an increasing number of events, which is why this structural contract is used, which “will give us a lot of peace of mind for the next 5 years (two years of contract and three of extensions).

Setting up stages and tents

The first of the specifications responds to the need to the contracting of the assembly and transfer service of various elements, facilities and municipal materials (such as modules and tents, stages, fences, enclosures, election materials, municipal furniture, documentation, various structures and temporary installations), which are located in the facilities of the municipal shipyard and in other municipal offices to attend to the requests made. the different municipal delegations. Much of these materials are used for carry out the staging of acts and events of a protocol, institutional nature, festive celebrations, cultural events, citizen participation, social, solidarity, promotion of the city, youth, sports or religious events (fairs, festivals, pilgrimages, festivals, Holy Week, Crosses and Patios Contest). To date, this service has been provided by the company Alvac SA, the entity awarded the contract whose third and last extension ends next January 31, 2024.

The duration of the contract will be 2 years, but it may be extended up to a maximum of three years, for minimum periods of one year. The total amount of this contract for the established two-year duration amounts to 1,211,397.66 euros (1,001,155.09 euros plus 210,242.57 euros in VAT), while the estimated value of the contract amounts to 2,703,118.75 (without VAT) calculated in accordance with the rules established in article 101.1.a) of the LCSP, taking into account possible extensions and the possible modification of the contract by 20%, all with VAT excluded.