The former vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias has referred to the ‘Neurona’ case as a practice of ‘lawfare’ and hopes that Podemos take legal action after this Tuesday the case was archived after three years of investigation.

The Madrid judge in charge of the so-called ‘Neurona case’ has ordered the investigation to be archived not seeing crimes in the work that the Mexican consulting firm that gives its name to the procedure carried out for Podemos within the framework of the campaign for the April 2019 general elections.

For Iglesias, the closure of the case represents a “portrait of power and democracy in Spain” and has assured that “no one can deny that there is no lawfare in Spain and that this has been a systematic practice against Podemos.”

Likewise, he has criticized the “corruption“in journalism and in the judiciary, insisting that in Spain “when there is a force that threatens its interests, it is willing to violate its legality,” he said in an interview this Tuesday on Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press.

Asked if the party will take legal action after three years of investigation, Iglesias said that he doesn’t know but hope so.

The founder of Podemos has regretted “hard“which has been this process not only on a personal level, but also politically. “The situation on the left today has suggested that there may be a left that does not receive lawfare. There are two lefts in Spain: one to which they do lawfare and another that doesn’t,” he stated.

“They have hurt us a lot, suffered a lot, but in politics what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. “They have been trying to bury Podemos for a long time, but very soon they will realize that they have made Podemos much more invulnerable,” he warned.