The Christmas Lottery 2023 it’s here. After a long wait, the Royal Theater of Madrid it is already decorated to celebrate next Friday, December 22, the most special draw of the year. There are many citizens who impatiently wait for the moment when the drums begin to spin and the children of San Ildefonso begin to sing the awards. It will be then that the luckiest lottery administrations will receive smiling people who will open bottles of champagne to shout into the wind that they are the most fortunate.

But, even though we are just a few days away from that moment, there are people who do not yet have their tenth and are looking for that special number that will congratulate them on Christmas with a gift for their pockets. The most clueless who have not yet gotten their tenth have nothing to worry about, because they still there is time to get a ticket.

According to Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, those who want to purchase the tenth in person at their trusted administration or those close to them, will be able to buy it. until December 21 at 10:00 p.m. However, it is advisable to contact the lottery administration beforehand because the schedule may vary and to know if it will be open at the moment.

Those who prefer to buy it from home online can also do so until December 21 at 10:00 p.m. It is recommended that the purchase of tickets online be made through the pages of authorized and official establishments by State Lotteries and Betting.

All the tenths have the same probability of being awarded with ‘el Gordo’, the rest of smaller prizes or the stone. However, many people choose to choose a number that is special to them because it is a wedding anniversary, the birthday of a loved one or for some important reason for the person in question. There are also other participants who play every year with the same amount, hoping that luck will finally smile on them.

Among the best-selling tickets are usually those that represent a relevant event of general interestFor example, this year they may be the swearing-in of the Constitution by Princess Leonor (31023), the coronation of Charles III of England (06523), the date on which Carlos Alcaraz won Wimbledon (16723) or the day the Titan Ocengate imploded (18623), among many others. But to check if the intention or superstition has worked, we will have to wait for the appointed day.

Normally it can be difficult to find the specific number we are looking for in our nearest administration. To EVITED these problems, You can access our website and locate where can you buy the desired number, with a search engine in which you can choose to enter ‘contains’, ‘begins’ or ‘ends’ and the number that interests you. When you have entered the figures, click ‘Search’ and the website will indicate the administration where you can buy the tenth, along with the address and contact telephone number.

Another option, if the administration is far away, is to go to the official page of State Lotteries and Betting and play the Christmas Lottery online. You simply have to enter the desired lucky number and choose the date of the draw (Friday, December 22, 2023).

The official Lottery website also has a search engine that locates the point or points of sale of the ticket. The next step is to call the administration by phone to find out if the Christmas Lottery ticket is available. Most likely, they will ask us for prior payment via bank transfer if you want the tenth to be sent to your home.

Christmas Lottery 2023

On December 22 you will be able to check if your tenth ticket has been awarded and all the results of the 2023 Christmas Lottery.

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