TVE has among its next bets an important and curious novelty. We talk about 'The Churches. Let's do it'an entertainment program in which Chabeli and Julio José Iglesias During eight episodes, they will carry out renovations commissioned by different celebrities.

Therefore, RTVE has published on its Transparency portal and upon request of Infobaethe budget of this new program that will be seen soon on the grid.

The figure amounts to 1,957,319.88 eurosthat is to say, 244,664.99 euros per episode. As stated in the budget, of that amount 500,000 euros are allocated to the artistic staff, made up of the two presenters, sons of Julio Iglesias.

Chabeli perceive 28,000 euros by program, while his brother July Bill to 13,000. If we multiply these amounts, in total the presenters will receive 328,000 euros of the 500,000 allocated to the artistic team.

That's 'Los Iglesias'. Let's do it'

Isabel Preysler, Arancha Sánchez Vicario; Gloria and Emilio Estefan; Fonsi; Beatriz Luengo y Yotuel, Ana Obregon, Norma Duval and Omar Montes They are the celebrities who will require the services of Los Iglesias in this eight-part season, which TVE officially presented to society in mid-April.

“We decided to record half of the series in Miami to see them in their element and then we came to Spain,” explained Javier Perez SilvaCEO of Beta Entertainment Spain about a format that emerged after the satisfaction that the documentary produced on the network Dad turns 80dedicated to Julio Iglesias.

In each delivery, the brothers will receive an assignment from a famous person and they will have to carry it out successfully. Chábeli, who has been dedicating herself to interior decoration for more than 20 years, will be in charge of designing the project and launching it with Julio Jr., who will be in charge of the renovation, putting her sister's ideas into practice and making them a reality. .