One of the great moments of Christmas in Córdoba arrives, if not the most. The day when magic and illusion come together to devote themselves to the little ones of Córdoba, who eagerly await the Parade of the Three Wise Mens, prior to the celebration of Three Kings Day.

It’s time to say hello to Melchior Caspar and Balthazargive them the wish list and collect candy, lots of candy, and other gifts that their Majesties of the East, accompanied by their entourage, will launch from their brand new floats during their tour of the capital. These are the details of the 2024 Córdoba Three Kings Parade, which for the first time is organized by a private company, Grupo Mundo.

Schedule of the Three Kings Parade in Córdoba

The parade of their Majesties of the East will start at 5:00 p.m. in the Plaza de Santa Teresa and will conclude around 9:30 p.m. on Ollerías Avenue. From there, the Three Wise Men will move to the Plaza del Cristo de Gracia, in the Alpargate gardens, to stage an adoration of the Child Jesus.

Archive image of the Three Kings Parade in Córdoba.

Tour of the Three Kings Parade in Córdoba

The parade maintains the route of previous years, with the novelty that the parade will end in the Alpargate gardens with the adoration of the Child Jesus and the delivery to Their Majesties of the keys to the city by Mayor José María Bellido. This is the official route:

  • Santa Teresa Square

  • Cadiz Avenue

  • San Rafael Bridge

  • Corregidor Avenue

  • Vallellano Avenue

  • Victory Walk

  • Round of the Tejares

  • Columbus Square

  • Avenue of the Mills

  • Ollerías Avenue

  • Plaza del Cristo de Gracia (Alpargate gardens)

These are the Three Wise Men of Córdoba

To facilitate their presence in all the parades in the country while they work to prepare the gifts for the King’s Nighttheir Majesties of the East have chosen in each city some very special representatives, who dressed in their best clothes will convey their message of peace, love and excitement to the little ones. In Córdoba, they have chosen a peñista member, a nurse and a renowned actress.

María Dolores Manjón, King Melchor

The City Council of Córdoba has chosen one more year, and by lottery, King Melchior from among the hundreds of anonymous people from Córdoba who have applied to embody one of the Three Wise Men most loved by the little ones.

The one chosen as King Melchior of the 2024 Parade is María Dolores Manjón41-year-old from Córdoba, resident of Cañero and nurse professional.

María Dolores will serve as Queen Melchor with the same vocation and passion with which bring the magic to the hospital floor where he works: “You’ll see when it arrives… I’m the one who’s always putting the Christmas spirit and a party animal.” A spirit that she has maintained since she was little. “For me the most important thing was the Three Wise Men,” she said.

María Dolores Manjón receives the crown from King Melchor at the Córdoba City Hall.

Macarena Gómez, Rey Gaspar

The Cordoba actress Macarena Gómez has been chosen by the City Council to play Queen Gaspar in the Córdoba Parade. The interpreter, who has always been committed to any initiative that calls for her for the city, has stated that she feels “very excited” for the election.

After learning of her designation, Macarena Gómez assured that as a “good Cordovan, she is looking forward to participating in the Parade” and wished a “Happy New Year 2024” to all the Cordobans, to whom she gave a kiss.

Macarena Gomez

Sebastian Madrid, King Baltasar

The Federation of Peñas Cordobesas is responsible for appointing King Baltasar of the Córdoba Parade each year, chosen by draw from among its peñistas. On this occasion, the lucky one is Sebastián Madrid, from the Peña Coro Alminar.

Appointment of Sebastián Madrid as King Baltasar in the Federation of Peñas this Wednesday

This will be the 14 floats of the Córdoba Parade

The Córdoba parade will have 14 floats, including the three presided over by Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. Of the floats that will be seen in Córdoba, at least four will be children’s themes and three will be biblical themes. Furthermore, there will be 13 parades and three music bands accompanying the procession of the Three Wise Men.

As for the design of the floats, and waiting for the surprise on the day of the parade, these could include decorative motifs set in ancient Egypt, Bollywood dances or an Umayyad garden. There are also some dedicated to animals (bears, snails or seals), and others of a religious nature such as the Nativity Scene or the Star.

A girl, riding a float in the parade of the Three Kings of La Viñuela.

Procession of more than 200 children

Together with their Majesties of the East, 212 children will participate in the Córdoba Parade as entourage of the Three Wise Men. The Federation of Peñas Cordobesas has been in charge of selecting the children who will participate in the parade and will be in charge of coordinating them and guaranteeing their safety throughout the entire route.

The Parades of the peripheral neighborhoods

Along with the Parade organized by the City Council, there will be parades in the peripheral neighborhoods of Cordova: Alcolea, Villarrubia, El Higueron, Santa Cruz, Trassierra and Muriano Hill. These events will join the parades that will be held this year in the capital of Córdoba, both the one organized by the Córdoba City Council and those already prepared by the merchants’ associations and residents in the neighborhoods.

Appointment with the Royal Portfolio on January 3

Sara Carrilloa brilliant Cordoban from the Las Palmeras neighborhood, is this year the Royal Wallet and the one in charge of collecting the children’s letters to deliver them to Their Majesties of the East. The Royal Wallet will collect the wishes of the youngest and oldest in Córdoba on Wednesday, January 3, starting at 5:30 p.m. The parade will start from Capitulares street, in front of the Córdoba City Hall, where the traditional chocolate with churros.

The Royal Portfolio will pass through the streets Diario de Córdoba, Ronda de Isasa, Puerta del Puente, Torrijos and Judería, Deanes, Conde y Luque, Agrupación de Cofradías, Blanco Belmonte, Ángel de Saavedra, Jesús María, Tendillas, Claudio Marcelo, Capitulares, Alfonso XIII, and Plaza de Las Tendillas, where the Royal Portfolio box will be located.