Faithful to its quote saying goodbye to spring and welcoming summer, Córdoba will live again a night of dancing, singing and compás with the White Night of Flamenco, which celebrates its 15th edition this June. One more time, the main corners of the capitalthe most iconic, will have the presence of first figures in concerts and recitals open to the public on a journey in which music will be the absolute protagonist until the wee hours of the morning.

Thus, the city that houses four World Heritage Sites pays tribute to another Intangible Heritage of Humanity: the flamencoin a night that has become a classic on the cultural agenda of Córdoba.

Date and time of the White Night of Flamenco

The White Night of Flamenco reaches its 15th edition in 2024 with a sleepless night that is celebrated between the night of Saturday June 15 and the early morning of Sunday the 16th In cordoba. The first show is scheduled at 10:30 p.m. and the last at 5:00 a.m.

Artists of the White Night of Flamenco

The poster for this edition has great reference figures. To open, a main course, with Jose Merce in the Plaza de Las Tendillas. On the stages there will also be Gerardo Núñez, Israel Fernández, Mercedes de Córdoba; Bambino, Manzanita and Chiquetete; Antonio Carmona, José Manuel Tudela, 'El Granaíno', and Derbu Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba.

José Mercé, the person in charge of opening the night.

Show times, artists and locations

  • 10:30 p.m. José Mercé. Las Tendillas Square.
  • 24.00 hours. Gerardo Núñez. Courtyard of the Orange trees.
  • 24.00 hours. Israel Fernandez. San Agustín Square.
  • 01.00 hours. Mercedes of Córdoba. Surroundings of La Calahorra.
  • 01.30 hours. Bambino, Manzanita and Chiquetete. Conde de Priego Square.
  • 02.30 hours. Antonio Carmona. Corredera Square.
  • 03.00 hours. José Manuel Tudela. Compass of San Francisco.
  • 03.30 hours. 'El Granaíno'. Potro Square.
  • 05.00 hours. Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba. Gardens of the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs.
Graphic of the White Night of Flamenco 2024

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Open bars

To accompany the celebration of the White Night of Flamenco, bars and hospitality establishments may close two hours later in the early hours of June 16.

How to experience the White Night of Flamenco?

The White Night of Flamenco in Córdoba is a unique opportunity to experience flamenco in the streets of the city from dusk until the first light of dawn. The program of performances and shows invites locals and strangers to tour a Córdoba wrapped in the magic of this art, Intangible Heritage of Humanity, going from show to show, from stage to stage set up in squares and streets of the center, and this year also the neighborhoods.

The time of the White Night of Flamenco

The temperature will accompany the celebration of the White Night of Flamenco in Córdoba. Both Saturday and Sunday are expected clear skies and mild temperatureswith a minimum of 14 degrees in the early morning of June 16.