One of the highest-grossing animated sagas, ‘Despicable Me’ returns to theaters This first week of July, which brings forward its releases to Wednesday and also offers an irreverent comedy with Arturo Vallsan action film starring Liam Neeson and a musical drama directed by Dani Rovira.

‘Despicable Me 4’

Supervillain Gru returns as an agent of the Anti-Villains League in this sixth installment of the famous animated saga starring the Minions. The previous one, ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ (2022), grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. Now comes a new member to the familyGru Junior, a torment for his father, who will also have to face his new nemesis Maxime Le Mal and his sophisticated and malevolent girlfriend Valentina.

‘Bad person’

Comedy directed by Fer García-Ruiz and starring Arturo Valls, Malena Alterio and Julián Villagrán that plays with the idea of ​​a good-natured person who, overnight, tries to become a bad person. Pepe is a good-natured person who has been confirmed by doctors to have a terminal cancer and decides to become a despicable being so that his family and friends will not miss him when he is gone.

‘The bus of life’

Musical drama set in the Basque Country, directed by Ibon Cormenzana and starring Dani Rovira and Susana Abaitua. The protagonist of ‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ plays a music teacher who is transferred to a town in Vizcaya where, As soon as he arrived, he was diagnosed with cancer.To receive treatment in Bilbao you must travel on a bus that transports all patients in the area free of charge.

‘In the land of saints and sinners’

Set in Ireland in the 1970s, ‘In the Land of Saints and Sinners’ is presented as a western full of action and suspense where Liam Neeson is a man who has left his past behind to lead a quiet life in a small coastal town, far from the political violence which is ravaging the rest of the country. Its director, screenwriter and producer is Robert Lorenz, who has produced Clint Eastwood films such as ‘Mystic River’, ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ and ‘American Sniper’.

‘Kill boy’

Bill Skarsgard, the youngest of the Swedish acting family, is a young deaf who decides to confront the matriarch of a deranged dynasty that has the entire population under its yoke and is ready to do justice. Action, martial arts, black humor and ultraviolence These are the ingredients of this film produced by Sam Raimi, responsible for the ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Evil Dead’ sagas, and directed by Moritz Mohr.


After 17 years working as an actress, Argentine Dolores Fonzi debuts as a director with ‘Blondi’, which proposes a new vision of motherhood and family through the story of a mother and son who are only 16 years apart and behave more like friends. fresh and mischievous comedy where songs by Las Ligas Menores, The Velvet Underground and Blondie are played.

‘Out of season’

After his trilogy about the capitalist world of work, French director Stéphane Brizé once again ventures into the realm of the intimate in ‘Out of Season’, a drama about lost opportunities starring Guillaume Canet and Alba Rohrwacher. Brizé’s tenth feature film revolves around an actor who, in a moment of panic before his imminent theatrical debutflees Paris to a seaside resort where he reunites with an old love.

‘Vampires: The Brides’

After more than 300 years in hiding, Dracula’s brides Luna, Adriana and his new apprentice Katya must unite to stop the most diabolical threat from their past, their sister Mina, who with the help of a powerful cartel leader and an army of drug traffickers under her command, plunges Los Angeles into total chaos. Co-production of Spain and the United States directed by Iván Mulero.