The directors of Grifols have confessed during the conference offered to the investors that the National Securities Market Commission has given them a period of ten days to clarify their relationship with Scraton, the investment vehicle that Gotham City has put in its sights. The pharmaceutical company has alleged that the group’s founding family does not own the majority in the company and that of the 22 investors in the holding company, only three are members of the Grifols family. The bearish fund claimed this Tuesday in a report that this company has been used to “make up” the group’s accounting to reduce the debt they show to investors and that caused it to plummet up to 25% on the stock market.

The Catalan group has flatly rejected all accusations and has relied on the fact that its accounts are public and are audited and endorsed by KPMG. With the aim of transmitting transparency and confidence to the market, the company held a conference call this Thursday in which it directly responded to investors’ questions. CEO Thomas Glanzmann committed to improving governance and communication.

During this telephone conclave in which the company’s senior staff (Alfredo Arroto, Víctor Grifols, Raimon Grifols and Thomas Glanzmann) participated, issues such as the group’s large debt or the sale of part of the Chinese subsidiary of the company were discussed. company. “Thanks to this sale we will be able to reduce ours, which is one of the main objectives and this operation will continue in the coming months”Raimon Grifols pointed out.