The revelation of Marietta about the alleged “kisses of desire on the corner” with Gorka Ibarguren It is also occupying a large part of the content of the galas of 'Survivors' and Mediaset programs. For example, last week, Beatriz Archidona asked David Secodefender of the former 'El Conquistador' contestant, about the reaction of Andrea Morate, girlfriend of Gorkaon this matter in the latest installment of 'De Viernes'.

“I speak with Andrea, Gorka's partner, every day,” said Gorka's defender, who considered it “very respectable” that the girl wanted to “stay on the sidelines” during the broadcast of the survival reality show: “I am the one who speaks on her behalf.“.

“She, like her family, have been super happy and super proud of everything Gorka has done since the beginning of the program and, like me, I have given 0% credibility to many things that she has said the same thing to herself.” . It's calm“Seco assured when responding to Archidona.

Last Sunday 'Socialité' was able to find out what Gorka's girlfriend's closest circle thought about this matter, showing confidence in the personal trainer: “'What they are very clear about is that Gorka has done absolutely nothing, they are clear that “There is a plot between Kiko and Marieta to bring this plot to light and gain more prominence.”.