When we enter a person’s house fitness It is normal that we find the typical supplement bottles. The reason why we can find these types of products on the shopping list of any gym goer is because of the importance they have when it comes to progressing in the exercises.

Protein supplements, which They are usually taken in powder form which are converted into smoothies by adding water or milk, serve to promote muscle recovery after training: a process to which if protein molecules that come from animal or vegetable sources are added, muscle growth is added. that many people look for when they go to train.

For this reason, many people incorporate into their daily routine protein supplements: since their intake does not speed up the recovery of the muscles that have been worked, it also makes them grow faster, obtaining better results in a shorter time.

Before or after training: When should you drink protein shakes?

One of the great debates in the world of fitness it’s yesAbout when it is best to drink the protein shake: whether before or after dinner. Although there are strong defenders of both positions, science has criteria to opt for one position or the other.

If we notice the scientific arguments, the decision about when we should take the supplement of protein depends fundamentally on what our training objectives are.

As revealed by a study published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, the time when proteins are taken It is not as important as how many are taken to really see results, finding that these are positive whether consumed before or after exercise.

Other sources They point out that it is a good idea to drink the shake before training for those people who go to the gym without breakfast; while later, as Vitonica points out: “the body needs an extra supply of these nutrients to recover from the activity carried out.”

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