Director: Gil Kenan

Performers: Mckenna Grace, Paul Ruud, Carrie Coon

Year: 2024

Premiere: 3/22/24


The latest installment of the adventures of the new Ghostbusters, now directed by Gil Kenan, co-written with Jason Reitman and dedicated to his father and founding director of the series, Ivan Reitmanbegins with a pure fantastic sequence set in New York in 1904: firefighters enter a building engulfed in flames and find a group of completely frozen corpses.

It could set a new tone, more fantastic than parodic, but what follows recovers the comic spirit of the rest of the films in the franchise. Once the action settles in the present, we meet again the protagonists of the previous title, 'Ghostbusters: Beyond': teenagers, adults and the elderly. But if in the previous film the main role fell on the young ghost hunters, here it is distributed more equally by age. So the presences of Bill MurrayDan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson they have a greater entity, although they are still the guest stars who establish the nostalgic link with the origins.

Aykroyd dedicates himself to studying the repossessed, Murray appears at just the right moments with his proton gun at the ready, one of the teenagers befriends a ghost in translucent blue and makes too many mistakes, Paul Ruud's character is more interested in being a good adoptive father who captures ectoplasms, there is no room for the digitized Harold Ramis from the previous film and the Pakistani Kumail Nanjiani makes an appearance, turned into the master of fire. And the otherworldly creature to be fought could have participated in a Harry Potter installment. These are new times for 'ghostbusters'.