He right to the existence of Israel is in the Federal Republic of Germany immovable foundation of its foreign policy since its founding times. It is based on its specific historical responsibility, as the country from which the Nazi Holocaust. It is not refuted – at least, not in public forums – not even by the parliamentary extreme right.

To the terrorist attack of Hamas from October 7 and the Israeli response on Loop responded the Government of Olaf Scholz -a tripartite between social democrats, greens and liberals- ratifying again and again its unconditional support for Tel Aviv. Given the disproportion adopted by the devastating Israeli response, calls for containment are heard – in line with those of Washington, but far from the forcefulness of the UN complaints – from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the green Annalena Baerbock.

Scholz, as the president Frank-Walter Steinmeierboth social democrats, daily express their support to Israelas well as the duty of Germany and its security forces to protect the existence and security of the country’s Jews. They form a community of 100,000 people, after decades of arduous work to revitalize it. Before the arrival of Adolf Hitler to power, it had half a million members, of which after the Capitulation of the Third Reich there were only a few 10,000 survivors.

The fear in Germany of an anti-Semitic attack is even greater than in other neighboring countries. The interior minister, Nancy Faeser, has not only prohibited all activities of Hamas or related organizations, as well as small neo-Nazi groups, but also looks closely at any pro-Palestinian call. The detention several Suspected Hamas militants in Berlinwith plans to attack Jewish targets in Europe, reaffirmed Faeser in his line of maximum prevention.

The warnings of leftist organizations and proasylum about whether he is not submitting to the muslim group -about six million citizens, of the total of 83 million inhabitants- to a sort of “collective suspicion” They do not affect the plans of the Scholz Government. There is pressure from the conservative opposition to further reinforce surveillance of these people and their environment.

Muslim collective, in the eye of the hurricane

The recognition of German “special responsibility” for the genocide of the Nazi regime that killer to six million Jews throughout Europe runs parallel to the detection of the “imported antisemitism”. That is, the one that does not come from the extreme right, parliamentary or clandestine, or from persistent anti-Semitism in German society but from the population of immigrant originabove all muslim. Also of those who arrived in the country as asylum seekers –some two and a half million people since the 2015 migration crisis- or the children of immigrants born in the country who aspire to acquire German citizenship.

After months of discussions, the Scholz tripartite reached an agreement for a new law that will facilitate the acquisition of the German nationality, although it will also speed up the procedures for the expulsion of asylum seekers with no prospect of being recognized as such. It is in line with the regulations of a Europe where the far right grows and that toughens its immigration policies, restricts asylum and closes borders. But at least it softens the guidelines for the naturalization of its citizens of foreign origin and facilitates the formula of the double nationality. It may be requested after five years of residence in the country – until now it was eight – or even after three, for situations of consolidated roots. Those who may pose a burden to the State will not be included in this “facilitating” offer. That is, those who entered as refugees and depend on subsidies or social aid.

“Historical” responsibility

The regulations also include a precept against the call imported antisemitism. To acquire dual nationality, you must sign the explicit recognition of “Germany’s historical responsibility derived from the Nazi regime and its consequences and its obligation to protect the existence of the Jews and coexistence between peoples”, according to the agreed text, advanced by the weekly ‘Der Spiegel’. It is a milder formulation compared to the one that has been applied since this December in the land of Thuringiain the east of Germanywhich requires the recognition of the right to existence of the State of Israel. The formula for that ‘land’, where the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) could become the leading force in the regional elections to be held in the autumn of 2024, has raised a debate about its legal consistency. There are also doubts about its effectiveness.

Others federated states, like North Rhine-Westphalia, in the west and the most populated in the country, have shown themselves willing to adopt it. He german federalist model It grants each ‘land’ specific powers to apply its own criteria, within common lines or framework, to requests for nationalization in its territory.

He Scholz tripartite has opted for that formula that does not include the explicit recognition of Israel’s right to exist, although it does do so indirectly. The purpose is for your bill to enter the parliamentary process in the first quarter of 2024. It will thus be more than six months late with respect to the initial purpose, which anticipated its entry into force with the arrival of the new year.