Alejandra Rubio’s appearances after the exclusive in which she announced her pregnancy continue to generate numerous reactions. Gema Fernández was very critical of her partner in ‘That’s Life’ after listening to some of the statements from the interview she gave to Pilar Vidal’s podcast on ABC, in which she said, for example, that she made some reproaches to the media: “You have to have more humility“.

“You are making a mistake. You cannot give so many explanations,” said the collaborator of the Telecinco program, defending the media: “Not all the press is trash, nor is all society rotten“.

On the other hand, Fernández also gave Alejandra Rubio some advice regarding the importance of not confronting the sector in which she currently works: “It is in her best interest to have the press on her side.”

This has not been the only reaction regarding these statements by Alejandra Rubio on Pilar Vidal’s podcast. For example, Almudena del Pozo called on all parties to remain calm in the face of the controversy: “We all have to calm down with this story. The message is too belligerent.”