The groups of friends, as well as entire familiesthey have taken to the east street Sunday December 24 from noon, in what is popularly known as the Good afternoona concept on the rise and consolidation in recent years. And there has been no shortage of spaces where enjoy good company, the best gastronomyof the copichuelas, coffees, beers and wines before the sun set and it was time to withdraw to prepare the dishes Christmas Eve dinner.

People have begun to take to the streets as the very important morning cold, accompanied by fog, has been cleared. He The sun began to shine around noon and that was when Cordova has started to dress Good afternoon. Several areas have excelled in this aspect, bringing together friends, couples, parents with their children, grandparents with their grandchildren, wanting to enjoy such a special day.

Rice bowl in El Alambique.  Sunday tradition and 'Christmas Afternoon' food are mixed;  to bring friends together.

Thus, in the Barcelona avenue, the establishments that have opened have not had to look hard to fill their terraces. Both in The Alembic like in The bar have been shipped with two unbeatable looking pots who have filled their terraces with the people of Córdoba looking to fill their stomachs with little stream rich. The smell filled the street and brought smiles to everyone present.

Employees of La Taberna de Avenida de Barcelona hold a pot at noon.

Neither in the La Corredera square, one of the most privileged in the city due to its magnificent sun exposure noon and afternoon. Their bars and restaurants have treated their customers with care and affectionmany of them regular customers, with the addition of friends who have come occasionally and the little ones in the house.

Staff of the Volapié Tavern celebrates the 'Tardebuena'  on Gran Capitan Avenue.

“And what are you going to eat tonight?” could be the most repeated phrase on Christmas Afternoon in 2023, full of sun and with a pleasant temperature in the middle of the afternoon. The anise bottles have served as a particular starting signal for the canes beerthe glasses of came and the first tapestries before those half portions that locals and foreigners fall in love with within the city’s extensive gastronomy.

Precisely, if a street in Córdoba is exponent of good eating is Gran Capitán Avenue, with distinctive terraces, many of them a mandatory stop to taste delicacies. Although not everything is going to be leisure for leisure’s sake. In the Volapié Tavernits employees, dressed in a special way for the occasion, have provided great service to their diners on this occasion. Good afternoon so special. In other locations, such as New Portthe party has also been one to remember.

Nothing has been missing in La Marquesa, in the bullring area.

To the neighborhoods before preparing dinner

He axis has then moved towards the tendonsthe riverbankthe Fuenseca area, Saint Marina and the neighborhoods. There have been many restaurant establishments that have served lunches and not a few who have endured until the copichuelas that began to warm up the body before preparations for Christmas Eve.

For 'Christmas Afternoon'  elegant, the one lived in the Plaza Vizconde de Miranda.

In fact, some, like the Sala Hangar, have taken advantage of the fashion of Good afternoon to toast a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2024 that is already visible with a barreled and butlet accompanied by live music.

In the center, of course, the Correo Bar has been one of the epicenters of the 'Tardebuena'.

An afternoon of bustle, the aftertaste of good company and enjoy the Christmas lights in the center. Of the attractions of Chiquilandia on the Road and so many unforgettable moments that every year, like this Christmas of 2023, They fill the memory (and the heart) with shared happiness before preparing the body for a 2024 that will be as intense as the year that is already leaving.

Full terraces very close to Las Tendillas, at lunch time.

Although, before that, it is time to live a Christmas Eve of Christmas carols, of dishes and more dishes of food, of joy, jokes, songs and moments, also, of intimacy to leave the bad behind and joyfully open our arms to welcome the good news of the baby Jesus.

Taberna La Fuenseca presents its annual carol on 'Tardebuena'

Premiere of the Christmas carol from the Taberna de la Fuenseca

So much does the Good afternoon within the rites and customs of the people of Cordoba, which is mixed with traditions as old as Christmas carols, producing beautiful symbioses like the one experienced a few hours ago at the Taberna de la Fuenseca. There, it has presentedlike every afternoon before Christmas Eve, his annual carol. The event, highly anticipated among regular customers, employees and business owners, has enlivened the Cordoban Christmas Eve in this popular tavern in the historic center.