Fox, Warner and Disney will launch a sports streaming platform in 2024

Fox, Warner and Disney will launch a sports streaming platform in 2024

The giants of entertainment Americans Fox Corp, Warner Bros. Discovery and The Walt Disney Company announced Tuesday that they will launch a joint streaming platform focused on sports later this year.

The new application will group together the content and sports rights of the three media groups and will include major league professional basketball, football and baseball; the main golf, tennis and motorsports tournaments and the FIFA world cup, among others, according to a statement.

The creators seek to reach, in particular, sports fans who do not have traditional cable television channels.a growing trend as the platforms of ‘streaming‘.

The parties say they have reached “an understanding on the main terms” to form the platform, which does not yet have a name or price.s, but the definitive creation of the service will require more negotiations and agreements, says the note echoed by the Efe agency.

For now, the giants are already announcing that they will be represented equally in the board of directors of the new platform, which will have its own brand, independent managers, and “non-exclusive” sports content licenses.

The movement occurs in a context of rising costs of sports rightswhich has led, for example, ESPN (Disney) and TNT (Warner Bros Discovery) to renegotiate their multimillion-dollar rights packages with the NBA, notes The Wall Street Journal.