A Grand Theater that had a “sold out” sign surrendered this Saturday to the gypsy and flamenco purity that honored one of the Cordoba singers par excellence. José Plantón, El Callidied in February 2021, a victim of covid-19, leaving an indelible legacy in the history of cante jondo in Córdoba, a very large void among fans and without reference to one of the most representative families of this art in Córdoba.

“Every time an artist dies we have the feeling that we have not given him back in life everything that his art has given us. Today, here, with this tribute, we settle our debt with El Calli,” said Manuel Curao, manager of the show, visibly moved. of presenting the gala and being, without a doubt, living up to what the occasion deserved.

El Pele, during his performance.

And like “grandparents, fathers and uncles, rivers are formed from good springs”, brother and children of El Calli kicked off this magical and historic night for Córdoba flamenco. Gypsy Dream sounded, bringing back more than ever to the hearts of those present the memory of José Plantón. After this exciting start, and before giving way to the rest of the artists, El Calli’s wife visibly received a gift in recognition of the work and legacy of her husband in the world of flamenco, “a singer from Cordoba whose legacy is still present.” and will never be forgotten.”

Rafael, the widow of El Calli and El Güeñi.

Rafa del Calli, son of the honoree, starred in another of the most emotional moments of the night, singing to his father “how much I would give to hug you” and thanking the audience “for filling this Great Theater to the flag in tribute to my father”.

El Pele, excited

And as the great Alberti once said, “a voice that mourns while the guitar plays” lifted the audience from their seats. El Pele, who, moved, was grateful to be part of “this wonderful meeting with a family so deeply rooted in our Córdoba and a gypsy, a singer and a person as extraordinary as El Calli”. From Huelva but with a special affection for Córdoba and also exalting the human quality of the honoree, the great Archangel dazzled and left the purest and most flamenco Córdoba night breathless.

José Valencia, Kike Morente and La Fabi They also gave their art and gypsy singing to El Calli, leaving their mark and spreading “jondo” in every corner of the Gran Teatro.

Dance, from the hand of greats like Joselito Maya, Belén López, El Yiyo, Juán Tomás de la Molía and El Tete, gave the public the purest gypsy breed and flamenco elegance in all its essence. Each one in their own style, they left their mark on the stage with their heels and left the name of José Antonio Plantón Moreno forever engraved.

Accompanying the guitar you could enjoy Niño Seve, El Perla, Luis Medina, José Serrano, Jesús Rodríguez, José Luis Medina or Antonio Jiménez.

A night that, without a doubt, did justice to a Calli who would have been moved by every moan, every guitar chord and every tap dance. h