“Sánchez has chosen to end the year toasting with Bildu”, has regretted Alberto Núñez Feijóo this Thursday a few minutes before the motion of censure was voted in the Pamplona mayor’s office. The PSOE has supported the Abertzales to recover the leadership of the city, to the detriment of Cristina Ibarrola (Unión del Pueblo de Navarra) and in favor of Joseba Asiron, who already held that position between 2015 and 2019.


  • Bildu accesses the Mayor’s Office of Pamplona amid reproaches from UPN and PP to Sánchez and PSOE

“This motion of censure has nothing to do with an excuse or a change of mind. “It is the hooded pact of (Arnaldo) Otegi and (Pedro) Sánchez.”said the Galician politician at the 2023 balance press conference, a year in which the PP won decisively in the regional and local elections in May, but insufficiently in the general elections in July.

Feijóo has denied that the President of the Government defends this support for EH Bildu in Pamplona with the argument that it will be a progressive mayor. According to the popular leader, the general secretary of the PSOE crosses a “last red line” that in any other European country “would serve to bring down” the Government. “Today Spain loses a state match,” he said.

2024 elections

“He wants what he has been doing hastily in recent days not to be remembered in 2024,” Feijóo stressed. He believes that both the motion of Pamplona like the amnesty law of the ‘procés‘Agreed with Junts and ERC will take their toll on the PSOE at the polls in the Galician (February 18), Basque (no date) and European (June 9) elections.

Feijóo has dedicated a good part of his introductory speech to the press conference (33 minutes) to Sánchez’s lack of “ethics” due to his alliances with the independence and nationalist partners who helped him carry out his investiture vote. “No economic percentage, no budget item, no bill is as expensive as the democratic price that they have made us pay so that Sánchez continues in Moncloa”, he launched.

For the head of the popular, this year “Sánchez’s only achievement has been his investiture,” which has been “coupled”, among other things, he said, with the motion of censure in Navarra, the amnesty and “meetings outside the European Union” (in reference to the meetings between socialists and Carles Puigdemont in Switzerland).

Event in a hotel

Feijóo has chosen a room with a large window of a hotel in Madrid to make this analysis of 2023. The conservative leader has appeared at a lectern with the Plaza de España in the background and the slogan “A Spain without walls.” Behind him are the flags of Spain and the European Union.