The traditional Christmas dinner of the PP of Madrid It is no longer what it was. The messages between the lines and the darts thrown between the different families of the party have fallen into oblivion this year. Yes, there have been fruit baskets and mentions of Pedro Sanchez between wines Arganda (south of Madrid) and water in a jug, also from Madrid. Attacks on Government, Bildu, amnesty, PSOE. All the attacks and messages could be read transparently, without messages in internal code as in past editions. And again, the event was held with other elections in sight, for which Alberto Núñez Feijóo has asked for the support of the “soldiers” of Madrid.

The peace dinner that Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Isabel Díaz Ayuso staged in 2022, at the start of the election campaign that was coming and with an effort to show harmony between both leaders, this year has become an event with displays of affection between the president of the party and the Madrid leader. “It fills us with pride and joy not only to love you so much but also to have you at our dinner,” the president said at the end of her hoarse speech with barely any voice.

“We are waiting for you at the polls,” Ayuso said in December 2022 in reference to Sánchez. One year later, with absolute majorities in the capital and in the Community of MadridFeijóo has recalled that he also won the 2023 general election. But without support to reach Moncloa, the president of the PP has insisted that 2024 It is an election year again in “Galicia, Euskadi and throughout Spain in the first semester”, by the Europeans, and has asked the Madrid PP to win again at the polls. Out of affinity or necessity, Feijóo has adopted Ayuso’s campaign slogan in this appeal: “I call on you to win with enthusiasm again.”

A thousand people

The messages that were crossed are far away Esperanza Aguirre and Mariano Rajoy in her fight to confront her PP models, and the dinner that Ayuso was forced to cancel by the national leadership with health arguments in 2021, when the Madrid leader had already started the war with Pablo Casado for the presidency of the PP of Madrid. Around a thousand people, militants and sympathizers, gathered this Monday night at the Casa de Campo Satellite Pavilion at 45 euros per menu. Inflation has also reached the PP, last year the acorn-fed sausage, the roquefort cream with crudites and the cheeks cost 40 euros.

Since the cameras caught Ayuso with that “son of a bitch” that she herself translated into “I like fruit” in the Madrid Assemblythe PP in the region has tried to launch a support campaign on social networks, with photos of fruit baskets sent to Puerta del Sol or t-shirts with that phrase that they have worn, for example, Noelia Muñozregional representative for Fuenlabrada and now in the Executive Committee of the national PP. Today Ayuso’s team has played with this idea again. First, the president informed the public that there was “fruit for dessert”, with the resulting laughter from the public. Later, with Feijóo, Ayuso, Cuca Gamarra, José Luis Martínez Almeida and Alfonso Serrano On stage, all of them have delivered a basket of fruit to four chosen ones: the oldest member (94 years old), the youngest, the one who has been affiliated to the party the longest (since 1983) and the latest addition.

Eye on the Europeans

Almeida has pointed out to the militants that the party has as task this 2024 “accompany the winner of the general elections (Alberto Núñez Feijóo) to ensure that Spain once again feels those values ​​that guided the Transition.” “It won’t be easy, but we will be by your side,” he concluded.

Ayuso, after pointing out that Sánchez and his partners “need the grievance and the breakup of Spain”, has prepared the ground for Feijóo. “We are also going to destroy them there,” he said in reference to next year’s elections. “We defend causes outside our borders, against dictatorships that happen to be mostly left-wing. Where necessary, there we are from Madrid“. Thus he has put his “army” at Feijóo’s disposal.

The president of the PP has recalled that “it would not be possible” to win elections as has happened in Madrid “without having so many soldiers” and he has once again asked all of them for their help for the elections. “Sánchez has lost his speech, but we Spaniards will not lose our voice,” he concluded on the same day that Ayuso made an effort for his vocal cords to resonate in the pavilion despite his hoarseness.