The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóoassured this Saturday that last summer Together He offered him his seven votes in Congress to invest him as president of the Government “in exchange for amnesty” for the leaders of the ‘procés’, but it did not take long “not a day” to discard it. “Accepting an amnesty in favor of some politicians breaks the principle of equality of laws that the PP supports as a state party,” he explained later during his speech at a rally in Sarria (Lugo).

The amnesty law, Feijóo has assured, is an “illegal” rule because “it does not fit in the Constitution.” What’s more, she has assured that for him it was “always a red line”, while for Pedro Sanchez “it was an opportunity” to continue The Moncloa. In this context, he has regretted that the President of the Government has spent “five months hammering” trying to “fit the amnesty” into the European legislation and “insulted everyone” who is against him.

That said, Feijóo has assured that “clearly” the PP is “in favor of reconciliation” in Catalonia, but with the nuance that this “can never go through impunity”. Furthermore, he has denounced that they are granted this measure and that it would have been done with the pardons despite the fact that they say that “they are going to reoffend and that they are going to declare independence again, hold an illegal referendum and steal and hide from the basic principles that govern the rule of law.”

Feijóo added that his party will never be able to “pass” because the independentists force them “to apologize for demanding that they have to comply with the laws.” “We are always going to demand it, no matter what it costs us, and on this occasion it has cost us the Presidency of the Government“, he added.

Likewise, in the same week in which the Supreme Court prosecutors have decided that they are going to investigate Carles Puigdemont for terrorism in the cause of ‘Tsunami Democràtic’, the leader of the PP has refused to be the one who “qualifies” what happened as a crime of terrorism. “That is up to prosecutors and judges,” she warned, to emphasize that they “know much more” about it.