'Eurovision 2024' has once again demonstrated the television phenomenon that it is. The musical event has brought together 4,886,000 spectators marking a 41.8% with the participation of Nebulossa, improving last year's figure by 2.1 points. With regards to the votes, These increased the data to the 52.1% and 5,465,000 viewers.

And this overwhelming piece of information has passed over the rest of the offers like a steamroller, sinking all the networks into the undigit. In Antena 3, 'John Wick' It is the offer that the guy with a 6.3% with 805,000 spectators. It follows 'laSexta Xplica' with a 4% and 422,000 spectators. In Telecinco, 'Robin Hood' fell to the 3.8% with 465,000 spectators while Four settled for a 2.5% and 313,000 viewers with 'Hellboy'.