‘Fiesta’ is reinforced on Telecinco weekends. Taking advantage of the fact that it is about to end its second season on the air, the Mediaset network presents a profound restyling of the information and entertainment magazine hosted by Emma García. We spoke with the Basque presenter about all the news.

How is the new stage of ‘Fiesta’ presented?

I am very excited. This weekend we have the presentation of the new products ahead of us, we are going to have a party to start the summer and it is going to be very special. We are looking forward to opening the doors of our new home to all viewers.

What can you tell us about the set?

The decoration is beautiful. I really want to show it to people, to step on it and to do well. In addition, it has a peculiarity that will make it different and that is that recycled material has been used, which makes me especially excited. They have done something very original.

There will also be new sections…

In addition to the logo and the header, we have new sections such as “The Appraiser”, with the jeweler Iñaki Torres, our chef Andrés remains and we expand the team of collaborators. To names that are already common we add well-known faces such as Nieves Herrero and Beatriz Trapote.

There are new developments, but is the essence of the space maintained?

It’s our usual ‘Fiesta’, but expanded and renewed. It can be said that we have done more than a facelift. We have new air in every sense: in the continent and in the content. It is as if we started a program and we also do it on a very special date, which is the night of San Juan. We are preparing a party for this weekend.

The program has been evolving and opening its range of topics more and more, without ever leaving the themes of the heart…

This is what a live program allows us. We make a show in which we tell everything that is happening. There have been times when there has been a lot of heart, and we still have it, although we also focus a lot on current social events and events. And in recent times we have been incorporating sections on topics such as nutrition and cooking, which in this new stage will gain more importance.

How do you deal with changes?

I like to get out of my comfort zone. And fortunately in a live show, which lasts 5 hours, I can do it quite a few times. Because we go from one topic to another and in each one you have a different mood. I like to test myself, challenge myself and above all enjoy. That’s why it’s a party in which many things happen, but we never stop providing entertainment and information, which is what I like the most.

What is the key to enjoying such a long program?

Although we do a weekend program, we really work from Monday to Sunday and we are up to date with everything. But beyond that, in a program like this the key is for us to be relaxed and let ourselves go. Because if not, you won’t enjoy it and it would be exhausting. On Sunday I would have to go to bed until the following Saturday and that can’t be.

Also the fact of feeling supported will generate security for you…

I have peace of mind that at ‘Fiesta’ there is a team that works very well and has everything under control. The harmony with the director and the rest of the team is wonderful. With that, all I have left to do is get in front of me and tell the things that are happening and let myself go.

Are you able to disconnect when you’re not watching TV?

Completely. A few years ago I learned that when the holidays started I had to do off completely and be outside of everything. I’m still reachable but when it comes to work I don’t let anyone tell me anything, I don’t even want to know the hearings. Because if not, you won’t come back mentally healthy.

And what do you like to do in your free time?

I am a normal person who leads a very normal life when I’m not on TV, who spends time with family and goes out with friends. I love going to the mountains and the beach, especially Playa de la Concha.

After so many years on television, have you ever stopped to think about the future?

I don’t forget the beginnings but I feel that every program I start is like the first time. I don’t know if it will be the last and I enjoy it to the fullest, that makes me feel very alive. I am a person who does not think about the future at all, I only think about living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.