The relationship between Elena Tablada and Adrián Esperón, his dance teacher in 'Dancing with the Stars', has been blown up in the last broadcast of the program. For a couple of weeks now, the couple has hinted at a lack of complicity between them; and some discussions they had during rehearsals were even shown.

Aware of this, Jesús Vázquez asked them what had happened because those quarrels seemed to have gone “beyond the professional.” To this question, Tablada responded with four arguments: “He says I called him aggressive, but I didn't say that, but rather that the training was being aggressive. He says that I had said that he treated me badly, But me telling him that I feel he is treating me badly is not the same as calling him an abuser. She didn't like it that said that all men are equal. And another day, I told him who was a narcissist“.

Later, he added that he would not refer to his teacher in those terms again, although he pointed out that the situation could be redirected as long as “forgiveness is correlative to the facts”.

However, he wanted to add something else: “I didn't want to say it before because I wanted to be professional and not cause any problems. I trust his talent, but I notice that it doesn't connect with me. It could be said that I am no good as his teacher and he told me so this week. I want to be professional, I want her to get a good role in this contest, so I take a step to the side. I don't want to harm her because this is her contest, not mine. “I open a request to the program to appoint another teacher.”.

Finally, Jesús Vázquez tried to get out of the situation as best he could: “This was not planned. We will talk to the management and see if it is possible that at this point in the program, after 10 weeks, a change like that can be made.