The Navial club held its annual gala at the La Salle school to recognize the more than 400 swimmers it has among all categories. The swimming entity chaired by Manuel López had its party to remember what, according to the club itself, was “the best season in its history.” The president of the entity requested a 50-meter indoor pool for the city in his speech, a recurring demand in this event over the years.


  • The Navial alevín sweeps its tenth consecutive Andalusian crown

The best results were achieved by Abel Girón when participating in the World Cup and the European Championship in the junior category. Marcos Sánchez competed for his part in the Junior European Championship.

Three national club titles

At the national level, the Vista Alegre entity obtained three national team titles, one runner-up, in addition to 44 medals.

In the regional competitions he stood out by winning the FAN Trophy, the award that recognizes the best club of the season, 10 club titles out of a possible 11 and 224 medals.