Disney+ continues with its plan to conquer the national fiction of our country. Behind the successful launch of 'Cristobal Balenciaga' just a few weeks ago and the announcement of 'See you in another life', the miniseries that premieres next week for the 20th anniversary of 11-M, the platform has announced that in spring there will be another national premiere.

This is 'The Long Shadows', an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Elia Barceló, which is will premiere on the platform on May 10. This fiction, produced by DLO Producciones, is made up of 6 chapters and has been written and directed by Clara Roquet, which marks her television debut after winning the Goya for best new director for 'Libertad' a couple of years ago .

The cast is made up of Elena Anaya, Belén Cuesta, Irene Escolar, Marta Etura, Itziar Atienza, Ana Rayo and Lorena López, although we will also see other well-known faces such as Jorge Usón, Juan Blanco, Nansi Nsue, Fran Nortes and Roger Casamajor.

This is 'The Long Shadows'

The appearance of mortal remains in a cave in Mallorca It takes Inspector Paula Ríos, from the Elda general police station, to travel to the island. Her remains correspond to her older sister, Mati, who disappeared during an end-of-year trip twenty-five years earlier. At that same moment, Mati's group of friends from that last year meets. They haven't all been together for a long time, but they have a good reason for doing so: Rita is back. Rita Montero, prestigious film director who has been living in London for twenty-five years. The atmosphere is very nostalgic, but it is interrupted when the inspector shows up at the house and tells them the news of her discovery. Twenty-five years have passed, but no one has been able to forget that mysterious disappearance.