Traveling invites you to take a trip to one of the most remote destinations in the Himalayas: Yunnan and Tibet. A unique experience, from April 27 to May 10full of history, spirituality and impressive landscapes in a new expedition organized by Viajes Azul Marino. Are you up for the trip?

The expedition members will be accompanied by the travel photojournalist and winner of the World Press Photo, Tino Soriano. Also, they will have the company of Alfonso Para; the only European resident in Tibet and a great expert on current Tibetan society, in addition to vast experience organizing expeditions throughout the Tibetan plateau, and Pedro Ceinos; Spanish writer and tourist guide who has lived in the province of Yunnan for twenty years. He has written numerous books on Chinese culture, travel and Yunnan minorities, and has accompanied hundreds of groups on their trips through the eastern country.

Tino, Pedro and Alfonso will lead the expedition members of this new adventure from VIAJAR and Azulmarino magazine through the wonders of this mystical corner of the world.

Our journey begins in Yunnanwhere we will explore the ancient city of Lijiang, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Lijiang preserves its intact old town made up of small cobbled streets, centuries-old traditional houses and small canals of water coming from the Jade Dragon Mountain; symbol of the Naxi ethnic minority.

Xizhou, Is the next stop. An ancient town located 18 kilometers from Dali where some mansions have been rebuilt and you can enjoy the Taoist mountain Wei Baoshan and the ancient city of Weishan. Also, we will visit Shaxi village, the neighboring mountain of Shibaoshan and explore Tiger Leaping Gorge.

A view of Lasha.

Already in Lasha, we will visit the Jokhang Temple, one of the most revered sacred temples in the Buddhadharma, located in Barkhor Square, where we will walk through its bazaar. In addition, we will visit the Potala Palace, built between the 7th and 17th centuries, with its more than a thousand rooms. Another obligatory stop is the Sera Monastery, one of the best preserved in Tibetand Drepung Monastery.

Pelkor Chode Monastery.

It is worth highlighting our visit to Lake Yamdrok, where we can see the Karo La and Kyangyong glaciers, and the Pelkor Chode monastery.

Discover a unique destination

Yunnan and Tibet become another of the destinations of the mythical expeditions that, for years, Viajar magazine has been organizing to live a unique adventure together with the company of expert historians, archaeologists, travel writers… who share their knowledge, their experience of destiny and his enthusiasm for exploring the world.

Tanzania and Kenya, Myanmar, Chilean Patagonia or Malaysia and Singapore are some of the trips that can be visited in other expeditions that will take place in 2024. Adventures and destinations that allow maximum interaction with the local culture, its gastronomy, its history and their traditions.

To participate, you can find all the information about flights, accommodation, price, itinerary and the complete trip program on the website: You can too contact via email: [email protected] and in the telephone 900 909 698.