He mental state of the president of the United States Joe Biden returns to the foreground, and not because of his recent confusions when talking about world leaders. This Thursday the iReport of Robert Hur, the special prosecutor who has investigated the Democrat for his irregular handling of classified documents after leaving the vice presidency. And in the document in which Hur announces that he has decided not press charges against the Democrat despite concluding that consciously took and shared sensitive materialthere’s a absolutely devastating portrait of the mental state of Biden, who has 81 years and whose age has become an element of disenchantment and rejection for many voters. in order to support him in his search for re-election in the November elections.

In detailing the reasons why charges are not filed, Hur includes that, in a potential trial, Biden would have been seen by a jury in the same way that investigators saw him when questioning him: “as a nice, well-intentioned old man with a bad memory.”

“Based on our observations and direct interactions with him, he is someone for whom many jurors would want to see reasonable doubt“, Add. “It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict what would then be an octogenarian former president of a serious crime requiring an intentional state of mind.”

“He didn’t remember when his son died.”

Hur makes several references to the “significantly limited memory” of the president. He says that it was already noticeable in the interviews that in 2017 the democrat maintained with Mark Zwonitzer, a writer that, as a “black man”, he was going to write him a book of memories (an author with whom he shared classified material). “The conversations recorded are often painfully slowwith Biden having problems remembering events and having to make efforts to read and transmit his own notes in notebooks,” reads the document, which is also said to have shown with Zwonitzer “diminished faculties and defective memory.”

The special prosecutor’s report states that the situation was “worse” when his own office interviewed him directly in 2023. “He couldn’t remember when he had been vice president. (…) He couldn’t remember when his son Beau had died., not even several years apart. And his memory seemed blurry when he described a debate about Afghanistan that was once very important to him,” the document reads.

Biden Lawyers Complaint

In a letter they sent to Hur after receiving an advance copy of the report, both the personal lawyer of Biden as that of the White House protested saying that they did not see “fitting or appropriate” the way the report addresses the president’s memory, which is mentioned in at least nine occasions. “Uses very prejudiced language to describe a common occurrence among witnesses: lack of memory of events that happened years ago.” The lawyers assure that the comments “have no place in a report from the Department of Justice” and asked that they be removed from the document, something that has not happened.

Own Biden has issued a release in which celebrates the conclusion reached of not pressing charges against him. He does not directly reference the descriptions of his mental state, but dedicates part of his statement to justifying that the investigation addressed events dating back “up to 40 years” and by underlining his “absolute cooperation” He recalls that he held five hours of interviews with investigators on October 8 and 9, right after the Hamas attack on Israel and when he was “in the middle of handle an international crisis.

The campaign donald trumpwho will almost certainly be Biden’s Republican rival in November, took the opportunity to immediately send a message in which he includes some of the quotes in the document under the title: “The Department of Justice believes that Joe Biden is disabled to submit to trial.”