Tonight Movistar Plus+ will broadcast the last program of ‘La resistencia’ before David Broncano’s signing for RTVE, but last night’s was the last recorded program, as usual, and for this reason, The presenter had a few words for the platform that gave them the opportunity.

It all happened during the programme’s section with collaborator Jorge Ponce, in which some of the format’s most legendary objects were auctioned off. David then began by saying that “it’s been 7 years and they’ve treated us well. This program could not have been done anywhere else, I’m serious. If it hadn’t been for Movistar Plus+ This program would not exist“.

It was then that Ponce took the floor, stating that “we are here with the high, with that energy that the grandfather gives, which seems to be improving at the end, but It is nothing more than the adrenaline of someone who has reached the goal“We are like when María Teresa Campos danced with you,” although he later apologized for this comment towards the now deceased presenter.

The thing quickly turned to humor, when the collaborator said that they should call 1004, the Movistar phone number, to request portability, to which the presenter said that “it all got complicated because we didn’t call 1004.” Then Ponce said that “If we call now, they might offer us an iPhone and we’ll stay.”to which Grison ended the gag by stating that “They have to offer you fourteen million iPhones.”