The laughter and the childish games have warmed up the cold morning of this December 31st in the Plaza de las Tendillas in Córdoba, which has once again hosted a party for the little ones of the city on the last day of the year. A few hours before the celebration of the New Years Evenumerous boys and girls accompanied by their families have enjoyed the activities programmed by the City Council.

The games began at ten in the morning on a day of overcast skies and winter cold, Cordova It dawned with a minimum of 1.1º and the thermometer is not expected to exceed 14 degrees Celsius today in the capital. Shortly before 12, jelly beans were distributed for the children’s bell ringing, a tradition that is now the second year that it has been celebrated after the coronavirus stoppage and that has been renewed when they have rung in the Tendillas clock the chords of midday. Then the show came Chimpon and the lost grapes.

Children's bells with sweets in the Plaza de las Tendillas


Córdoba enjoys a quieter ‘New Year’s afternoon’

It could be said that the Tendillas children’s party has been the starting gun for the old afternoon. Because once again this year, the hours before New Year’s Eve have turned some areas of the city into a bustle of people around the bars and tables, before the general gathering for dinner with family or friends. Of course, this December 31, 2023 is being a old afternoon calmer than, for example, the afternoon of last Christmas Eve, when a sunny day filled bars and terraces. Maybe it’s because of him cold or because when the holiday falls on a Monday, too many days accumulate for the party, the fact is that in the hours before New Year’s Eve in Córdoba a decrease in the bustle has been noticed compared to other similar occasions.

'New Year's Evening'  2023 in the Plaza de la Corredera.

A group of friends spend the 'New Year's afternoon'  at Bar Correo, a classic next to Las Tendillas.

The old afternoon It is also lived in the peripheral neighborhoods. In Higuerón, Plaza Rafael Villar hosts the celebration from 4:00 p.m., with music, face painting for the little ones, a performance by a neighborhood Zumba group and a gift raffle. At 8:00 p.m. the activity ends and residents can prepare for dinner.

A thousand athletes run the San Silvestre

To the environment of the old afternoon we must add the particular flavor of the traditional Saint Sylvester race in Parque Figueroa, an event marked by the festive spirit and popular support that celebrates forty years. The race has left colorful images, with a lot of humor and festive spirit.

The San Silvestre Cordobesa del Figueroa, in images


'New Year's Eve' atmosphere  in Figueroa before the start of the San Silvestre Cordoba.

Everything ready for the New Year’s Eve party in Las Tendillas

At 10:00 p.m. the ambient music will begin in the tendonswhere the great party with which Córdoba will welcome 2024 is planned. The soleares of Juan Serrano that make the Tendillas clock so special will once again precede the twelve bells with which Cordobans and visitors, grapes and champagne in hand, They will take their first steps in 2024.

The journalist Jorge Carmona will repeat as presenter of the chimes and on this occasion he will be accompanied by the singer Marta Mansilla, a member of the group Bellepop. After the grapes and toast with champagne to the new year, the public will be able to enjoy live music from Rockopopwhich will liven up the party until 2:00 a.m. on Monday.