Córdoba CF lost 1-2 against Real Madrid Castilla in their match corresponding to matchday 18 of the League championship in Group 2 of the First Federation. The green and white team, fourth in the standings, could not beat a rival that came to El Arcángel on a roll, having only lost one of its ten previous games. After a match of alternatives, with chances shared between both teams, the Merengue reserve team ended up taking the victory. This setback ended Córdoba CF’s streak of ten games without defeat.

The Córdoba team is now in fourth place, 10 points behind the two teams that lead the table, Castellón and Ibiza, and with five points ahead of Intercity, the first team that is outside the zone of ascent.

The streak that has now ended

Córdoba CF could not extend its positive streak in recent months and also had its second match without winning, since in its previous match it drew 0-0 at Atlético Baleares. The great moment of form, which led them to win their last five games before visiting Palma de Mallorca, began by passing like a cyclone over Atlético de Madrid B, whom they beat 1-6 at the Wanda Majadahonda Stadium, in match corresponding to matchday 13 of the league championship in Group 2 of the First Federation. The green and white then got into the zone of play off after nine months without tasting it. Three days later, Córdoba managed to end a complicated match positively, against an Atlético Sanluqueño that is struggling in the dangerous positions of the table and urgently needed the points. Iván Ania’s men showed their superiority by coming back from 1-0 down. Antonio Casas, in a streak of success, and Adilson Mendes, who is hungry, repeated as scorers and turned the score around.

The victory against Antequera, who came in hard, preceded the one achieved in Melilla by 0-1. Then they achieved their fifth consecutive victory against Castellón, the ninth consecutive matchday without defeat. In Palma they achieved the tenth match without losing in the league and a harvest of 24 points out of the last 30 in play. Now, however, they have lost 1-2 against Real Madrid Castilla.

Results and classification, up to date

You can follow everything that happens on each day of Group 2 of the First Federation in Diario Córdoba, with current information about Córdoba CF. Here you can check the results of each Córdoba CF match and the rest of the rivals with which it competes. And here the updated classification of each day.

This is how the First Federation is played 23/24

The competition consists of 38 days where the first classified in each group will be promoted directly to LaLiga Hypermotion (2nd category of Spanish football) and the last 5 in each group will be relegated to the Second RFEF (4th category of Spanish football). The league starts on August 26 and ends on May 25. A total of 760 matches are played, between Groups 1 and 2, during the regular phase.

Córdoba CF-AD Ceuta: images of the match at El Arcángel

Once the regular phase of 38 days is over, those teams in each group that have finished from 2nd to 5th place must play a playoffs of two eliminatory rounds (round trip) to determine the two remaining teams that advance in category. The competition rules indicate that The highest ranked player in one group must play against the lowest ranked player in the other.. If a tie goes to extra time and is still tied, the team that advances to the round will be the one that has placed in the best place in the regular phase classification. This is how the semifinals and final would remain to promote to Second.

Playoff Semifinals

2nd Group 1 vs 5th Group 2: Winner 1

3rd Group 1 vs 4th Group 2: Winner 2

2nd Group 2 vs 5th Group 1: Winner 3

3rd Group 2 vs 4th Group 1: Winner 4

Final Playoff

Winner 1 vs Winner 4

Winner 2 vs Winner 3