Mapatours, the company that inaugurated the new season of commercial flights of the Cordoba airport A charter return to Prague last December already has a new destination. As the company has reported, The next destination departing from Córdoba will be the Swiss city of Baselwhere they include three visit options for a week trip.

Esteban Gómez, head of Mapatours, has reported that “This new flight reflects our commitment to expanding connectivity options for our passengers from Córdoba”. With this, he detailed that “the direct flight will provide a fast and comfortable connection between Córdoba and Alsace, facilitating access to one of the cultural and tourist jewels of Europe.”

Flight details

The route of this charter flight will be Córdoba-Basel-Córdoba. The departure date will be Monday, June 24 and arrival the following Monday, July 1 (times are yet to be confirmed). The chartered plane will have similar characteristics to the one in Prague, with 184 seats. As Gómez has informed this newspaper, Travelers will be divided into groups according to the itinerary they choose once they land in Basel.

There will be several buses waiting for you that will have different destinations: either a trip through Switzerlandor an itinerary Alsace, Black Forest and the Rhine Falls or a tour of the French champagne. These buses, with their corresponding itineraries, will be chartered based on demand.

Passengers board the plane for the flight to Prague last December.

A complete itinerary

As Mapatours details, with this new flight, Passengers will be able to enjoy the comfort of direct flights for an eight-day circuit, “saving time and optimizing your travel itineraries.” With this flight and complete travel itinerary, Mapatours gives the opportunity to get to know the Alsace region, Switzerland, the Black Forest, the Champagne region or the Rhine area and thus enjoy its rich history, architectural charms or its gastronomy .

As was the case with the flight to Prague, travel agencies will be the ones that will sell tickets to Basilia. As Mapatours explains, “The marketing of the places will be carried out through all travel agencies”. Given that there are still some issues to close, such as the occasional contract with restaurants (the flight to Prague included, depending on the price, enjoying the gastronomy), the flights are not yet available for purchase.

More destinations?

At the moment, this is the only closed flight that Mapatours has for 2024, but Esteban Gómez assures that it won’t be the last. The company is monitoring airline companies to activate more operations throughout this year.