The comedian Paco Arévalo has died at the age of 76 of age at his home in Valencia after a long career as a comedian and actor on the small screen and also in cinema.

As confirmed Lift-EMV, of the Prensa Ibérica group, the comedian was found dead this Wednesday afternoon in his home after being unwell for several days. Specifically, and as confirmed by ‘Semana’ magazine, it was his son who found him dead in his house in Valencia. Sources close to the family of the deceased have explained that heDue to the death it is not yet known, although it could be a heart attack.

Arévalo’s lifeless body will be starting at 8 a.m. this Thursday in the funeral home Servisa located on Avenida de los Naranjos in Valencia, while the funeral will be held at 12:45 p.m. on Friday at the Peace Park Cemetery.

The comedian was born in Madrid on September 2, 1947 and began his professional career as a comic bullfighter alongside his father in the most important shows of the time such as El Bombero Torero.

Arévalo’s career

Arévalo became especially famous on Spanish roads. There was not a gas station where cassettes with jokes were not sold. that livened up the then much longer road trips.

Jokes are the fruit of a time and many of them are currently discontinued as unacceptable. Homosexuality, problems of expression, disability, prostitution and the most recalcitrant machismo were part of the plots of the jokes, which were accompanied by the pertinent canned smiles.

It even had an entrance jingle in which they announced, under the slogan “Let’s laugh, laugh at Arévalo’s jokes” that told them “about Andalusians, about ladybugs, about gangsters and about truck drivers.” In fact, the homosexual, the gangoso and the ñoña – a version of the gangoso with expression problems – were some of his most recurring roles as a narrator. He, too, did not miss the opportunity to release a collection of jokes from 23-F.

The binomial Bertín Osbone and Arévalo

Friend of his friends, Paco Arévalo surrounded himself during his years of work with great filming and performance colleagues who ended up being like part of his family. Bertin OsborneFrancisco Esteso or Andrés Pajares They became co-workers and companions of the comedian. For years, the Osborne-Arévalo duo starred in television programs and theater performances with their particular sense of humor and staging. The relationship between them went beyond the small screen.

Reactions to Arévalo’s death

The news has taken his friends and family by surprise. Although, as sources close to the family have confirmed, he had been unwell for days. no one imagined a fatal outcome. One of the first to react to the death of the comedian was the Minister of Culture and vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Vicente Barrera.

Through his profile on the social network X, Barrera wanted to share his condolences: “Our great artist and my great friend has left in peace.”

He bull world He also mourns the death of the comedian, a great fan. The matador Miguel Abellán has also taken advantage of his profile on social networks to mourn the loss: “We started the year with sad news. I regret the loss of a great fan of the world of bullfighting and… one of the best comedians in our country “.