Miguel Angel Muñoz He lived a surreal moment during his visit to Elsa Pataky’s house in Australia. The actor and husband of the actress, Chris Hemsworth, had to ‘help’ the new protagonist of ‘La moderna’ (TVE) after a snake climbed and got tangled in his hair.

This is what Miguel Ángel Muñoz himself has shown on his Instagram profile, in which he has uploaded a video of this peculiar moment that was taken with a certain sense of humor: “You arrive in Byron Bay and my dear Elsa Pataky, who is a great host , makes all his people treat you very affectionately, including the snakes. Thank goodness Chris Hemsworth was around to save me.”

“PS: That day it was the snake’s turn to eat. Then we gave him a delicious mouse that he gobbled up like there was no tomorrow. and it almost makes me think that he might have gotten hungry before,” said the actor in the aforementioned publication, which has accumulated more than 1.3 million views on his Instagram account.

Although it may not appear in the video uploaded by Muñoz, Elsa Pataky was also present at that moment. In fact, the actress even made a joking comment to the actor in her publication: “And what it cost to get her out of your head, what?“.

This moment is already part of the memory album of Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Elsa Pataky, friends for many years. They both met while filming. ‘Afterclass’a Telecinco youth series broadcast between 1997 and 2002, which meant for both of them one of their first opportunities in the world of acting.

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