The president of the Government of Navarra and general secretary of the PSN-PSOE, María Chivite, came out this Tuesday in defense of the motion of censure that her party plans to carry out in Pamplona. A week after the agreement with the PSN was announced, and after a prolonged silence in which he has avoided questions from the pressChivite referred for the first time to the change in the Navarrese capital during the traditional socialist Christmas toast.

The general secretary of the PSN has defended before the militancy of the local group that His party has always known how to adapt to society, even making “risky” decisions. So they face the new year “loaded with illusions and many hopes” at the Pamplona City Council.

In this “political context marked by the noise and insults of the Navarrese and Spanish right”, a “turning point” opens for Pamplona, said the socialist leader, who highlighted that “changes are never easy, there is always resistance to change, fear of the new” or even “fear of failure.”

Chivite has stressed that “that is the history of the PSOE” and its “140 years of survival”in which the party “has known how to adapt to society” and “make decisions even when those decisions have been risky.”

After noting that ““To be useful, politics must be brave.”, Chivite has insisted that “if politics is accommodated, it stops being what it should be”, which is “an effective tool to transform people’s lives.” “He who does not risk does not lose, but he who does not risk never wins,” he declared.

The general secretary of the PSN has indicated that the socialists do not want “a paralyzed city council, abandoned to the inertia of inaction and conformism” and therefore “it was necessary to act now”, since “we still have time”, for example, to take advantage of the investment drive of European funds.

“Some of us have not come to politics to be there, but to do things, even if they are risky decisions and criticism rains down on us,” added the Navarrese president, who stated that “the challenges do not scare us, but rather they motivate us.” “. “Behind every storm there always comes calm,” she emphasized.

He has also participated in this actPSN parliamentarian and former councilor in Pamplona Maite Esporrín, who has highlighted that this is an “important moment for the party, a moment of change”, which is also “exciting”.

For its part, Marina Curiel, socialist spokesperson in the Pamplona City Council, commented that we are experiencing “convulsive and intense days” in which “we bear witness to the great work that the previous municipal groups” of the PSN have carried out for many years. Curiel has committed to “continue working very hard to demonstrate to the citizens, to everyone, that Pamplona is going to move forward” in this legislature.

After the storm, the calm

In this way, Chivite has justified that “Pamplona needs a change, especially with urban planning transformative, where the neighborhoods and the center understand each other, speak to each other, are coherent, an approach that has as its fundamental axes mobility, energy efficiency, local consumption, accessibility, because this is the true asphalt that Pamplona has to provide and for which it is already late compared to other cities with similar characteristics,” he said.

“Some of us have not come to the politics of being, We have come to do things, even if they are risky decisions and even if criticism rains down on us.. And with that commitment now we are going to do and we are also going to demand to do it in Pamplona, ​​because we are going to be very demanding, just like in the rest of the localities because we want to contribute, we want to build, and do it from progressive principles, from institutionality, and from plural and constructive dialogue,” he noted.

Thus, he assured that “as the song says, behind every storm there always comes calmthis city will flourish and then this decision that transcends acronyms to put this city, the people of Pamplona, ​​and the people of Pamplona ahead will be much better understood.”

He added that “There is a lot of work ahead, but the challenges do not scare us but motivate us“. “I am sure that the year 2024 will be the year of change for the better for Pamplona and a good year for all of Navarra,” she stressed.