Chenoa updates the health status of Ângel Llàcer. The singer has visited 'And now Sonsoles', where she has been interviewed to review her extensive professional and personal career throughout these years.

During your visit, the magazine presented by Sonsoles Ónega recalled the different projects that the artist has done at Atresmedia: “I no longer remembered things I had done“, he confessed in his meeting with the journalist.

Let us remember that Chenoa signed a long term contract with the San Sebastián de los Reyes group to protect their participation in other formats of the competition. Sonsoles wanted to make sure that the agenda of the jury of 'Your face is familiar to me' was as tight as he had heard: “It happens to me with my friends, I say 'look, where are we meeting?'” he confirmed.

After this small assessment of projects, Sonsoles Ónega could not help but ask her about the state of health of her Àngel Llàcer: “Well, I was with him the other day. Little by little, he is getting better.” “The emotional part is essential. It is very well surrounded. “We all love him, we visit him, we are with him and we hope he returns as soon as possible.”

At that moment, Antena 3 viewers could perceive how Chenoa became emotional when remembering all the moments we lived with the member of the jury of 'Your face sounds familiar to me': “We miss him a lot, I miss him a lot because I have him on my left. Since 'OT 1' he is my partner, he is my friend. I love him and he knows it“, confessed the singer.

He is the soul of 'Your face sounds familiar to me', no one gets on that jury table like him. He is already on his way to get back on that table, to shout at everyone again and give good advice and do what he does, what is magic“, settled the presenter of 'OT 2023'.