Carlos Lush was one of the guests on last night's show 'Friday'. The historic presenter returned to the screens to review his professional and personal career, and it was when it came to addressing his most intimate side that he broke down into tears.

Speaking about the loves of his life, the showman wanted to mention Moonthe daughter he has in common with Monica Hoyos.

I am very proud of her, she is very good and very intelligent. She is very proud of me, she has understood that she knows where we come from,” she comments as tears come to her eyes. “I think I've been a good father, she says yes. I'm giving what I've never had,” she adds.

Once on set, the former face of Mediaset has delved into his statements: “With the separation, Luna had a hard time, why are we going to fool ourselves… The poor thing…we (Mónica Hoyos and him) did everything possible for him to see us together.” In addition, he explains that he has always tried to give his daughter what he was never able to have as a child.