Carlo Costanziason of Sea Flowers and from Italian Carlo Costanzia di Costiglionewill be the protagonist this week of ‘Friday!’, the program presented by Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta in prime time on Telecinco. The young man, who at the end of 2023 was sentenced to 21 months in prison for a crime of fraud, has given a tough interview to the Telecinco format that can be seen tomorrow at 10:00 p.m.

Among other things, Costanzia will remember the complicated moments he had to live through when he was just a child. “My childhood was difficult, I have never been happy”assures in a preview of the interview: “At school, the elders insult you with very brutal things, with very strong insults to my mother.”

In addition, the former ‘Toy Boy’ actor (Antena 3) will also talk about his addictions. “My first contact with consumption was when I was ten years old”he reveals in a fragment of the program, where he even points directly at his parents for all his problems: “I’ve probably come to, obviously, blame them for everything that’s happened to me.”

‘This is life’, Telecinco’s evening show, yesterday broadcast the preview of the interview that will be broadcast tomorrow. “It’s going to be the diary of a victim,” he said. Makokewho has had a close relationship with the family: “He went to live with his father for many years. I think that in the end he was the victim of a traumatic divorce.” “I think this interview is going to destroy Sea Flowersadded Gema Fernández.

In this way, Carlos Costanzia follows in the footsteps of other children of famous people such as Angel Christ. Just a few weeks ago, Bárbara Rey’s son participated in the premiere of ‘On Friday!’ to attack his mother, giving rise to a war that even reached competing programs.

It just so happens that Antena 3 will broadcast the second installment of ‘The Challenge’ this Friday, which has Mar Flores among its contestants.