Cádiz continues its progression since the arrival of Argentine coach Mauricio Pellegrino to its bench and managed to resist during its visit to a Villarreal team that, despite its dominance in the game, failed to capture its superiority on the scoreboard (0-0).

The Castellón team is once again left without having two consecutive victories, while Cádiz, despite its notable defensive effort, has now gone 19 League games without achieving victory.

Marcelino’s team had a remarkable performance. Gerard Moreno, very active between the lines, Ilias Akhomach and Álex Baena joinThey activated from the beginning and Villarreal began to accumulate dangerous arrivals almost by inertia.

Comesaña, with a header, and Kiko Femenía, who tried to surprise Ledesma with a shot from the center of the field, were the first to open fire against a Cádiz team with many problems containing its rival’s avalanche.

The local fight lasted just over a quarter of an hour, as Cádiz found Chris Ramos with long balls and the lateral crosses into the area. formula to reach Jorgensen’s domain.

Chris Ramos, with two forced headers that went wide, and Iván Alejo, after a shot blocked by Albetro Moreno, warned Villarreal of the danger of Cádiz becoming more and more comfortable on the field and with the ball.

Marcelino’s team responded by advancing their pressure to try to make Cádiz’s ball escape uncomfortable, and the goal was once again close to the goal. two weak shots by Robert Navarro and Chris Ramos.

Villarreal regained control of the game and the feeling of danger in the last stretch of the first half thanks to Álex Baena, who monopolized almost all the offensive actions, including a shot from inside the area that went high.

After the break, Marcelino tried to reactivate his team’s attack, which was too static, with the entry of Guedes and Morales, vital in the victory against Barcelona, ​​for Ilias and a blurred Sorloth.

Cádiz did not feel intimidated by the new threat and continued to feel comfortable in the game without changing his route map, which was always in attack by sending deep balls to Chris Ramos.

As the minutes passed, Villarreal once again gained prominence led by Guedes, very active behind the Cadista defenders, although without aim in his shots.

Cádiz, subdued by Villarreal’s deep play, decided to take a step back, giving up the ball and limiting their offensive actions to adventures individual attacks.

It was again Álex Baena who shook up the game with two almost consecutive occasions in which he failed to get his shots, from inside the area, to find their way to the goal.

Villarreal returned to the fray in the final minutes, in which they harassed Cádiz, who also had their chance, from a set piece, with a shot from a free kick. Pires that Jorgensen saved.

The local team tried everything until the end to find the goal that would allow them to move away from relegation almost definitively, but Cádiz resisted defensively and showed that they do not plan to give away their chances of permanence.